Electric Hoists 1300 W / 400 Kg

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Electric hoists are mechanical devices featuring an electric motor that is used to lift and move heavy loads vertically. Electric hoists work by using their motor to generate rotational force, which is then transferred to a set of gears or pulleys to lift the load using the device’s lifting mechanism. This lifting mechanism, usually a chain or wire rope, is attached to a hook or a specialized lifting attachment that securely holds the load. A wide range of industries and professions can benefit from using electric hoists. Construction sites, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and logistics companies often rely on electric hoists to lift and transport heavy equipment, materials, and goods. Made for heavy-duty applications, Ronix RH-4135 is an electric hoist that features a 1300-watt motor that can offer maximum lifting capacities of 400 to 800kg depending on the way it is used. By combining this much power with its safety and protective features, Ronix RH-4135 is one of the best electric hoists money can buy.
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Detailed Description

Ronix RH-4135 is another member of our lineup of electric hoists that boasts a robust 1300-watt motor with a maximum lifting speed of 10m/min.

Ronix RH-4135, 1300W Electric Hoist:

In addition to all of the situations mentioned earlier, electric hoists are also invaluable in automotive repair shops, where they can effortlessly lift engines or large vehicle parts. Furthermore, electric hoists find applications in theatrical productions for raising and lowering stage props and equipment, as well as in residential settings for tasks such as lifting heavy furniture or equipment during renovations. Designed with these in mind, you can use Ronix RH-4135 for loading and unloading cargo from trucks or ships, relocating heavy machinery, installing overhead fixtures or structures, and performing maintenance tasks that involve lifting heavy components. To learn more about the details of our RH-4135 and its capabilities, keep reading.


Electric hoists provide convenience, efficiency, and enhanced safety by reducing the physical effort required to handle heavy loads, minimizing the risk of injuries and accidents, and enabling precise positioning of objects. This is why we have equipped our RH-4135 with a robust 1300-watt motor that works with 220V AC electricity.

Lifting capacity:

Using this machine, you have access to a maximum lifting capacity of 400kg in standard and a staggering 800kg in double mode. Additionally, a maximum speed of 10m/min is accessible in the standard mode while in double mode, this number decreases to 5m/min. Its motor is connected to an 18m-long wire that offers a maximum lifting height of 18m in standard mode and 9m in double mode.


Ronix RH-4135 is equipped with a durable steel body that houses its internal machinery, protecting them from damaging elements and therefore, prolonging the RH-4135 model’s lifespan. Furthermore, we have incorporated an automatic cut-off system and a thermal switch that collectively increase the durability and longevity of the RH-4135 model’s motor.


The power created by the robust motor of RH-4135 is transferred by an 18m-long twist-resistant wire. This wire is made of steel with a diameter of 5mm and has enough strength to handle a maximum load of 2000kg.


Ronix RH-4135 electric hoist comes neatly packaged in a storage box designed by Ronix.

Features :

-Robust,Powerful motor with copper winding to ensure long life 
-Provides with IP54 safety class standard
-Durable Steel body suitable to work in difficult situation and workpalce
-Equipped with twist-resistant steel wire rope with suitable strength with a length of 18 meters
-Equipped with Thermal switch to protect motor from damage 
Equipped with automatic cut-off system-


(Double) Lifting Capacity
(standard) Lifting Capacity
(Double) Lifting Height
(Standard) Lifting Height
(Double) Lifting Speed
(Standard) Lifting Speed
Cable Length
Cable Diameter
Cable Strength

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