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Electric hoists are powerful lifting devices that use an electric motor to raise and lower heavy loads with ease. They work by utilizing a series of pulleys and a durable steel cable or chain to lift and lower objects vertically. The electric motor provides the necessary power to drive the lifting mechanism, allowing for controlled and precise lifting operations while offering more safety than manual lifting. Electric hoists are beneficial for a wide range of industries and individuals, including construction, manufacturing, warehouses, and workshops. Ronix RH-4132 is an electric hoist, designed with all of these industries in mind that can excel in any scenario or application thrown at it. Equipped with a robust 800-watt with numerous safety features, Ronix RH-4132 will be the last electric hoist you will ever buy.
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Detailed Description

Ronix RH-4132 is another member of our lineup of electric hoists that combines the power of its 800-watt motor with the strength of its 18m-long cable to offer an excellent and safe lifting experience.

Ronix RH-4132, 800W Electric Hoist:

Electric hoists are particularly advantageous for those who need to lift and move heavy objects regularly, as they significantly reduce the physical effort required for lifting tasks. Ronix RH-4132 has enough strength and capacity to help you with any of the aforementioned scenarios while boasting numerous safety features that will lower the risk of accidents and injury. To learn more about its main features and capabilities, keep scrolling.


Electric hoists offer increased efficiency, safety, and productivity, making them indispensable tools for heavy-lifting applications. With this in mind, we have equipped our RH-4132 model with a powerful 800-watt motor that needs a 220V AC power source to work.

Lifting capacity:

Its performant motor can offer a maximum lifting capacity of 200kg that increases to 400kg when using the device in double mode. The offered maximum speed is also 10m/min in standard mode which decreases to 5m/min in double mode. This 800-watt motor controls an 18m-long rope with a maximum lifting height of 18m in standard and 9m in double mode.


In pursuit of making a durable and rigid product, we have used a durable steel body that encases the internal machinery of RH-4132 to protect it against unwanted and harmful factors. This body offers a protection rating of IP54 and works in tandem with the thermal switch and automatic cut-off system of Ronix RH-4132 to ensure maximum durability and a long lifespan.


Ronix RH-4132 is equipped with a robust twist-resistant steel wire that is 18m long. This strong rope has a diameter of 4mm and can withstand loads with a maximum weight of 1250kg.


Ronix RH-4132 electric hoist is packaged in a Ronix-designed packaging.

Features :

-Robust,Powerful motor with copper winding to ensure long life 
-Provides with IP54 safety class standard
-Durable Steel body suitable to work in difficult situation and workpalce
-Equipped with twist-resistant steel wire rope with suitable strength with a length of 18 meters
-Equipped with Thermal switch to protect motor from damage 
Equipped with automatic cut-off system-


(Double) Lifting Capacity
(standard) Lifting Capacity
(Double) Lifting Height
(Standard) Lifting Height
(Double) Lifting Speed
(Standard) Lifting Speed
Cable Length
Cable Diameter
Cable Strength

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