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Electric hoists are mechanical devices designed to lift and lower heavy loads using an electric motor. They feature a motorized drum or chain mechanism that winds or unwinds a cable or chain to raise or lower the load, offering a safe and controllable lifting experience. Electric hoists are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and logistics for lifting or lowering various objects from cargo to bricks and heavy machinery. This makes them essential for individuals or businesses that require efficient and safe lifting and positioning of heavy objects. Designed with these use cases in mind, Ronix RH-4131 is armed with a 550-watt motor that needs 220V AC power to offer a lifting speed of 5 to 10m/min.
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Detailed Description

Ronix RH-4131 is the 550-watt variant of our lineup of electric hoists that features an 18m-long cable with a maximum strength of 750kg.

Ronix RH-4131, 550W Electric Hoist:

Electric hoists have a wide range of useability, in construction sites they can be used for lifting building materials while in warehouses they can be beneficial for loading and unloading heavy cargo. They are also useful in automotive garages for lifting and working on vehicles. Electric hoists offer precise control, increased lifting capacity, and reduce the risk of manual handling injuries, making them a valuable tool for enhancing productivity and ensuring worker safety. Ronix RH-4131 is designed in such a way that offers all of these benefits and then some. If you are in the market for a new powerful electric hoist, our RH-4131 is the one to look for. Stay with us as we take a deeper dive into its capabilities and construction.


Since electric hoists are designed for safely lifting heavy objects, we have armed our RH-4131 model with a 550-watt motor that works with 220V AC electricity.

Lifting capacity:

While using the device in standard more, this powerful motor can offer a maximum lifting capacity of 150kg at a maximum speed of 10m/min. If you opt to use the RH-4131 model in its double mode, the maximum lifting capacity increases to 300kg while the offered maximum speed drops to 5m/min. The robust motor of Ronix RH-4131 is attached to a steel wire rope that is 18m long that offers a maximum lifting height of 18m in standard mode. This maximum height, however, decreases to 9m when using the device in double mode.


The RH-4131 model’s motor is protected by a durable steel body with a protection rating of IP54 that shields the internal machinery from harmful elements, increasing the lifespan of this model. This motor is further protected by a thermal switch that prevents overheating in addition to an automatic cut-off system.


The aforementioned steel rope is twist-resistant and ensures safe lifting operations for years to come. With a diameter of 3.18mm, this 18m-long rope can withstand objects as heavy as 750kg.


Ronix RH-4131 electric hoist is delivered in a package designed by Ronix.

Features :

-Robust,Powerful motor with copper winding to ensure long life 
-Provides with IP54 safety class standard
-Durable Steel body suitable to work in difficult situation and workpalce
-Equipped with twist-resistant steel wire rope with suitable strength with a length of 18 meters
-Equipped with Thermal switch to protect motor from damage 
Equipped with automatic cut-off system-


550 W
(Double) Lifting Capacity
(standard) Lifting Capacity
(Standard) Lifting Height
(Double) Lifting Height
(Double) Lifting Speed
(Standard) Lifting Speed
Cable Length
Cable Diameter
Cable Strength

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