Miter Saws

What Are Miter Saws and What Are They Used for?

Miter saws are tools that are used to cut through different materials and there exists an arm to mount the blade. Their arm changes position left or right to produce angled cuts. They are mostly used to make crosscuts; the standard position for a miter saw is limited to 90 degrees. They are mostly used for precise cutting, when the jobs need accuracy and the time in their job is essential. But the limitation they have is that they can only cut objects which could fit under the blade of the miter saw.

Types of Miter saws:

There are two general kinds of miter saws. Standard and compound miter saw. Standard type is the most basic version that offers the angle of 90 and 45 degrees. This type provides basic miter and crosscuts. But the limitation of this kind is that it can only be used for framing and for the people who need basic cutting needs rather than any professional projects.

On the other hand, the compound miter saw provides a much higher options and the most eye-catching setting that this type provides is the blade’s rotation that can cut through a variety of angles. This allows you to cut objects beyond the basic 90 degrees. There are two sub-categories in the second type which are:

A dual Compound-miter saw: This kind of miter saw lets you to rotate the head to left or right hand, which is best for decorative trim work; it saves you from flipping the board to cut the same angle on the opposite side of the object that you’re working on.

A sliding Compound-miter saw: In this kind of miter saw, moving from back to forth, letting the user to adjust the for bigger and larger workpieces. Some of the tools suggest an LED light, which gives you an extra visual sight for a more precise and more focused work.

How to buy a good miter saw:

To but a miter saw, the below mentioned feature need to be taken into account:

  • Blade size: To cut through bigger objects, you need to choose bigger blades; but for the smaller objects there is no need to choose big blades, as they might be dangerous for the small objects, because the bigger blades need the hand to get close to the big blades increasing the risk of any injuries for your hand or finger.  
  • Electrical Brakes: the device you choose has to have the safety instruments as well as any other technical options. One of the safety instruments is the electrical brakes; It means whenever you want the device to stop working, you simply take your foot off the brake pedal. Simultaneously, the tool stops working in just two seconds. Starting time is really delaying compared to the tools without this feature, which may result in any danger or risk.
  • The weight of transportable miter saw: most of the miter saws could mount on a workbench; but consider the situation in which you may want to replace your work sites or any other conditions, the weight of the miter saw seems to be an important factor.

Why to choose Ronix?

Ronix Miter saws vary in the types mentioned above. But the general products that Ronix covers are as follows:

  • Sliding Miter Saw (made in Taiwan): This is the product you might use when you want to adjust your device to a various angle with no limitation. Sliding Miter Saws that Ronix provides the customers with different blade sizes or even the size of the Miter Saw itself.
  • Fixed Miter Saw: These are best used for the customers who want to use the Miter Saws in a stable place with no replacement. You simply place the Miter Saw on your worksite table and then with no position changes, you cut through different materials.
  • Compact Miter Saw: These Miter Saws are mostly used by people who want their products to be portable, as this kind suggests a lower weight, compared to the other Miter Saws. Ronix has tried to reduce the size and the weight of the Miter Saws without lowering the quality of the products. These portable devices can simply satisfy anyone who try to use their Tools in any working place

Depending on the duty, you can choose from the variety of products that Ronix suggests you and you could go through them. the above-mentioned list tells you an overview of the products that you could find in our company. Customers who would like a high-quality product with the world’s newest and up-to-dated technology can simply refer to our products and search through the lists and find their desired tool.

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