Compound Sliding Miter Saw 250mm

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If you need a powerful power tool for woodworking, the Ronix 5403 Compound Sliding Miter Saw 250mm is a great choice.  The 2000W motor spins at 4800 RPM for optimum productivity and outstanding results in a variety of applications.  Precision cutting in a range of angles and applications is possible with this high-quality material.  The Ronix 5403 is made of high-quality materials that allow for precision cutting in a variety of angles and applications.  The micro-fine miter adjustment knob, the laser and LED light designed within this compound sliding miter saw make for precise cuts and ease of use. The Ronix 5403's electronic brake immediately stops the blades, guaranteeing the operation's safety.  There are also adjustable and extensible base extensions available, it can give additional work-piece support to the tool user.  Another amazing feature of the Ronix 5403 Compound Sliding Miter is the advanced table locking mechanism, which allows for quick and exact setup in typical angles by employing 9 stop points. Look over the full description for more details about the product.

Detailed Description


The Ronix 5403 Compound Sliding Miter Saw is powered by a 2000W motor that works at 240V and 50-60Hz. With a no-load speed of 4800RPM, this high-performance and powerful motor is exactly engineered to create the best and quickest cuts. For maximum productivity and great results in a range of applications, the 2000W motor runs at 4800 RPM. This high-quality material allows for precise cutting in a variety of angles and applications. The Ronix 5403 is made of high-quality materials that enable precise cutting in a range of angles and applications.

Cutting wheel:

ronix 5403 Compound Sliding Miter Saw has a Cutting Disc Diameter of 250mm and Blade Size of 250*30*80 mm. Ronix 5403 with strongly-built wheel has various maximum cutting height in different angles. Its max Cutting Height at 90° is 90mm and 58mm at 45°. The cutting dimensions also vary by the angles as they are 90*300mm at 0°/0° (H*W), 58*300mm at 45°/0° (H*W), 90*200mm at 0°/45° (H*W) and 58*200mmat 45°/45° (H*W)


This miter saw is considered a formidable power instrument, weighing 17.1 kg. The tool is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport on the jobsite. A horizontal D-shape handle on this power tool increases grip and control over the tool throughout a range of cutting tasks. Dust penetration is reduced by the switches' anti-dust construction. It is supplied in a Color box designed specially by Ronix team. This compound sliding miter saw features a micro-fine miter adjustment knob, a laser, and an LED light for precise cuts and ease of use.
The Ronix 5403's electronic brake instantly stops the blades, ensuring the safety of the operation. There are also adjustable and expandable base extensions available, which can provide the tool user with additional work-piece support. Another fantastic feature of the Ronix 5403 Compound Sliding Miter is the innovative table locking system, which uses 9 stop points to allow for rapid and precise setup in typical angles.

-Powerful 2000W motor delivers 4800 RPM for maximum productivity and top performances in different functions 
-Made from high quality material which secures precise cutting in different angles and applications
-Adjustable and expandable base extensions for additional work-piece support
-Compact design and lightweight for job site portability
-Horizontal D-handle design and Vertical Carry Handle  for better fit and easy and comfortable operation and transportaion
-Advanced table locking system for fast and precise setting in common angles by using 9 stop points
-Efficient dust collection system enables cleaner operations 
-Spindle lock system for easy and fast wheel changing and safety mechanism
-Anti-dust switch for reducing dust penetration
-Equipped with laser and LED light for ease of use
-Micro-fine miter ajustment knob enables precision cuts
-Electric brake stop the blade for user safty
-Armed with sliding rails perk for increase cutting capacity


Blade Size
250*30*3.0 mm 80T
Supplied in
Ronix Color box
Cutting Dimension at 45°/90° (H*W)
Dust bag , Extension bar WORKING CLAMP ASSEMBLY
Cutting Disc Diameter
No load speed
4800 RPM
Maximum Cutting Height at 90°
Maximum Cutting Height at 45°
Cutting Dimension at 0°*0° (H*W)
Cutting Dimension at 45°*0° (H*W)
Cutting Dimension at 0°*45° (H*W)
Cutting Dimension at 45°*45° (H*W)



Jaime Padilla

(10) (10)

This miter saw is very lightweight and high-quality. I was not sure about buying this product because Chinese products are not my things but I took a shot in the dark and it worked perfectly and did the job really well.

(10) (10)

Brayden Cruz

(10) (10)

Thank you Ronix, your products are always really good and strong.

(10) (10)

Alonso Chavarría

(10) (10)

This was the best, the price, the power, the sharpness and everything was just what I expected a miter saw to do. I am really satisfied.

(10) (10)

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