Compound Miter Saw 1450W-210mm

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Do you need a robust power tool for your woodworking tasks? Then, Ronix 5100 Miter Saw would be a great choice. Its powerful brushless 1450W motor delivers 5000 RPM for maximum productivity and performance in different functions. It is designed to ease your work as it’s equipped with a Spindle lock system, fast wheel changing, safety mechanism, and protection guard for user safety. It’s perfect for performing angular cuts in both bevel and table positions.

This miter saw makes standard angle cuts way faster and more precise with the use of 9 points and the help of its advanced table-locking system. Ronix 5100 is made of high-quality material, which secures precise cutting in different angles and applications. The Adjustable and expandable base extensions also offer additional workpiece support.

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Detailed Description

Ronix 5100 miter saw is a powerful industrial cutting tool that maximizes the accuracy and speed of various users’ activities and is the ideal choice for making precise angled cuts in MDF pieces. It’s a specialty tool that allows you to cut at various angles. This Miter saw features a blade on a swing arm that pivots to make angled cuts. Crown molding, picture frames, door frames, window casings, and other items may be cut swiftly using a miter saw. If you need a robust power tool for woodworking, the Ronix 5100 Miter Saw is an excellent option.

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You need to consider some points before buying a high-quality miter saw. In the following, we give you a detailed description of the Ronix 5100.

Motor and Mechanism:

Ronix 5100 Miter Saw is equipped with a powerful 1450W motor, a 240-240V power source, and a frequency of 50-60Hz. This high-performance and powerful motor with a no-load speed of 5000RPM is designed so flawlessly to make the best and fastest cuts.

Cutting Wheel:

Ronix 5100 Compound Miter Saw has a strong wheel with a diameter of 210mm and a TCG blade. This strongly-built wheel has various max capacities in different wood shapes. Its Max Cutting Capacity is 60x120mm at 0°/90°, 60x85mm at 45°/90°, 34x120mm at 0°/45°and 34x85mm at 45°/45°.

Locking System:

5100 is equipped with an advanced table locking system for fast and precise setting in standard angles by using 9 stop points. Limits are lifted when angle cutting with this proper Miter Saw can be done in both bevel and table positions.


With its 7.4kg body, this Miter saw is considered a lightweight and compact power tool to transport the tool on the worksite easily. Ronix 5100 material clamp is to secure fixing of the work piece from the top and is armed with a scaled and moveable fence. The high-quality material used in this Miter Saw’s manufacture ensures precise cutting in various angles and applications. 
A horizontal D-shape handle has been added to this powerful tool to grip more efficiently and control the tool during various cutting applications. Its switches, with the anti-dust design, decrease dust penetration.

Base Extension:

In the Ronix 5100, the requirement of the additional workspace was also considered. Hence, the adjustable and expandable base extensions help the operator with what they need when an extent ion is required.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix 5100 is supplied in a color box with a Dust bag, Lock knob, washer, Wrench, Extension table, Pair of carbon brushes, Stop plate, and a Handle.

-Powerful 1450W motor delivers 5000 RPM for maximum productivity and top performances in different functions 
-Made from high quality material which secures precise cutting in different angles and applications
-Adjustable and expandable base extensions for additional work-piece support
-Compact design and lightweight for job site portability
-Horizontal D-handle design for better fit and easy and comfortable operation
-Advanced table locking system for fast and precise setting in common angles by using 9 stop points
-Efficient dust collection system enables cleaner operations
-Material clamp for secure fixing of the work piece from the top 
-Spindle lock system for easy and fast wheel changing and safety mechanism
-Anti-dust switch for reducing dust penetration and  longer life
-Ability to perform angular cutting in both bevel and table  position 
-Armed  with scaled fence and movable fence
-Include with  TCG blade
-Equipped with protection guard  for user  safety


Supplied in
Ronix Color Box
No-Load Speed
Disk Diameter
Max Cutting Capacity at 0°/90°
Max Cutting Capacity at 45°/90°
Max Cutting Capacity at 0°/45°
Max Cutting Capacity at 45°/45°
Dust bag , Lock knob and washer , Wrench , Extension table , Pair of carbon brushes , Stop plate , Handle



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When properly set up, the saw is capable of working exceedingly precisely. The dust collection is actually quite good.

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Extension tables are smooth to adjust and lock with a single hand adjustment and are very stable to use on the floor or mounted. The trenching tool, as well as the single bevel and miter cut, are effective.

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I bought this to replace a prior professional sliding miter saw because I wanted a higher-quality instrument with better cut precision. Overall, I'm pleased with it.

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