Sliding Miter Saw 1500W-210mm

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A miter saw consists of a table with a motor block and a swivel blade. It allows one to cut efficiently wood pieces. But some models can handle other materials such as PVC or other non-ferrous metals. Unlike other types of saws, it facilitates the cutting of 45° or 90° angles, as well as the making of crosscuts. The miter saw can be used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Thanks to the 1500W power and stability of the Ronix 5401 compound sliding miter saw it can easily and accurately cut a board of wood, PVC, or other non-ferrous materials in half. With this device, it is easier to align the cutting line. Indeed, it is equipped with a horizontal D-handle and vertical carry handle that allows easy handling. Ronix 5401 comes with a laser guide that indicates the line to be cut.

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Detailed Description

The most convenient and time-efficient tool is the electric sliding miter saw. The Ronix 5401 allows you to saw larger pieces. Its cutting speed of 5000 RPM is amazing and it has a dust bag for sawdust extraction.

Ronix 5401, 1500W 210mm Compound Sliding Miter Saw:

Miter saws are mostly used in the woodworking industry to create bevel, horizontal, vertical, and a combination of bevel and 45° cuts. The Ronix 5401 sliding miter saw is a popular choice among woodworking professionals because it offers high-quality cutting and exceptional performance. This handy device, with its lightweight design, powerful motor, durable body, and convenient features, will be your constant companion for making precise cuts at various angles. You will find its main features in this article.

Motor and mechanism:

It is important to know that the motor power of the Ronix 5401 miter saw is 1500W. For regular use on hard materials, high power is strongly recommended. The speed of the blade is 5000 revolutions per minute. As for the motor power, a faster rotation has a direct impact on the cutting capacity of the saw. This device is also equipped with sliding rails to increase cutting capacity and its micro-fine miter adjustment knob enables precision cuts. Logically, the blade will also influence the choice of the saw. The height and width of the cut are essential points to take into account. The size of the blade must be adapted to the size of the pieces to be cut: the bigger and wider the piece, the larger the diameter of the blade must be. Another point that must be taken into account is the number of teeth on the blade. because the number of teeth has a direct impact on the sharpness and cleanliness of the cuts. For a cleaner finish, we recommend Ronix 5401 with 210*30*2.6mm 64T which permits having a maximum cutting depth of 70x270mm at 0°/90°, 70x185mm at 45°/90°, 48x270mm at 0°/45°, 48x185mm at 45°/45.


The weight of only 14.5 kg, the horizontal D-handle, and the ergonomic vertical carrying handle make this miter saw very easy to transport. Not all miter saw models offer the same options. However, depending on the intended use, some are almost necessary. Among the most common options of Ronix 5401, we find the laser guide, which allows a very precise cut, and a dust extraction system; its efficient dust collection system allows for cleaner operations in your work area. Extensions on each side of the table allow for better stabilization of the workpiece, and additional stops and presses allow for easier clamping of the workpiece and thus improve safety. Besides, miter saws need to offer maximum safety, both for the users and the machine itself. For this reason, all switches are dust-free to reduce dust penetration. The saw is also equipped with an advanced table locking system for quick and accurate adjustment of common angles with 9 locking points. The quality is great, the price is reasonable and the cuts are precise, what more could you ask for.


For added shipping security, the Ronix 5401 compound sliding miter saw comes in a Ronix-designed color box.


-Powerful 1500W motor delivers 5000 RPM for maximum productivity and top performances in different functions 
-Made from high quality material which secures precise cutting in different angles and applications
-Adjustable and expandable base extensions for additional work-piece support
-Compact design and lightweight for job site portability
-Horizontal D-handle design and Vertical Carry Handle  for better fit and easy and comfortable operation and transportation
-Advanced table locking system for fast and precise setting in common angles by using 9 stop points
-Efficient dust collection system enables cleaner operations
-Spindle lock system for easy and fast wheel changing and safety mechanism
-Anti-dust switch for reducing dust penetration
-Equipped with laser and LED light for ease of use
-Micro-fine miter adjustment knob enables precision cuts
-Electric brake stop the blade for user saftey
-Armed with sliding rails perk for increase cutting capacity


No load speed
5000 RPM
Cutting Disc Diameter
Blade Size
210*30*2.6mm 64T
Maximum Cutting Height at 90°
Maximum Cutting Height at 45°
Cutting Dimension at 0°/90° (H*W)
Cutting Dimension at 45°/90° (H*W)
Cutting Dimension at 0°*45° (H*W)
Cutting Dimension at 45°*45°
14.5 kg
Supplied In
Ronix Color box

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