Demolition Hammer, 1100W,6Kg,15J

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First, let’s talk about what is a demolition drill used for. Demolition hammer drills are mainly used for heavy-duty activities like bringing down large concretes or walls; you usually find them on construction sites or roads. Not all of them are designed for heavy-duty tasks; there is a wide range of demolition hammers. Some are lighter and can be used for DIY activities like removing wall tiles.

Ronix 2820 Demolition Hammer with 15J of impact energy and a max impact rate of 3900 BPM is strictly designed for heavy-duty masonry and all other working operations. Blasting hammers are equipped with chisels, which come in various shapes and sizes, such as grooves or flat chisels. According to the project you want to deal with, choose the best chisel to complete your task. The Ronix 2820 blasting hammer has two chisels and a wrench; with the help of the wrench, you can fix the chisel on the head.

This 1100W demolition hammer provides you with many features and specifications; scroll down to read more.

Detailed Description

Demolition hammers can be classified into various types; pneumatic, hydraulic, cordless, and electric. Ronix 2820 Demolition Hammer is a power tool with a 1100W robust motor and 3900 BPM impact rate, bringing the top-ranking impact force of 40J; that’s why it is competent for all kinds of operations. A demolition hammer’s power is indicated in joules. The higher the number of joules, the more force the demolition hammer generates.

Ronix 2820 Demolition Hammer; Lightweight body and high destruction power!

Keep reading to get detailed info on Ronix 2820 demolition hammer.

Motor and Mechanism:

Inside the Ronix 2820 demolition hammer, there is a 1100W motor that every part of it is industrially produced with automatic machinery, including the rotor and stator. It works by connecting to a 220-240V and 50-60Hz power outlet.


The industrial gearbox with lightweight aluminum housing and robust body design improves the tool’s performance in various applications.

Hammering Mechanism:

The power and energy provided and transferred to the HEX bit holder come from the hammering system, including heat-resistant O-rings and high-quality gears, cylinder, piston, connecting rod, and hammering shaft made of the best alloys and materials. The piston’s movement inside a high-volume cylinder provides impact energy of 15J and a maximum impact rate of 3900BPM.

Bit Holder:

A HEX bit holder is included in the Ronix 2820, to adjust the hammering position and increase the efficiency of each bit,


This 6.4kg demolition hammer is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, great material to enhance the power tools’ body strength and reduce the increasing heat during operations. It has an optimized drive design, with high overload resistance. The extensive soft grip allows 2820 convenient handling and reduces fatigue during long working hours. An auxiliary handle is included in the BMC case for maximum control and dominance over the tool.


To guarantee the durable performance of this tool, Ronix used the anti-dust switch with a switch-lock key for constant work.

Anti-Oil Technology:

The Reliable anti-oil leakage technology in the Ronix 2820 improves the machine’s durability.

Accessories and Packaging:

2820 demolition hammer comes in a BMC hard case along with other accessories, including a hex flat chisel, a hex pointed chisel, a spanner, a pair of carbon brushes, a grease tube, and an auxiliary handle.

-1100W robust motor brings the top-ranking impact force of 15J, competent for all kinds of working operations
-HEX tool holder with robust power can impressively enhance demolition performance
-Die-cast aluminum alloy housing enables lightweight, superior heat dissipation and enhances body strength
-Extensive soft-grip impressively reduces fatigue during long hours of working
-Switch lock function can protect the armature in continuous operations
- Optimized drive design, with high overload resistance 
- Reliable anti-oil leakage technology to improve machine durability
- Creative dustproof design to enhance the machine's life



Supplied in
Max Impact Rate
3900 BPM
Chuck Type
Imapct Rate
Impact Energy
6.4 Kg
hex flat chisel, hex pointed chisel, spanner, pair of carbon brushes,Grease tube,Auxiliary handle




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