Corded Demolition Hammer, 1700W, 55J, HEX

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To get more powerful demolition performance you need more impact energy and trustful bit holder. Ronix Demolition Hammer 1700W, 30mm Hex Bit Holder, can be used efficiently for heavy-duty demolition projects thanks to its robust and powerful 1700W motor. This high-power motor delivers up to 50J impact energy and 1400 BPM Impact rate. Thanks to D-shape ergonomic handle of 2818, you can get perfect balance in vertical applications and operate with less fatigue. Besides, the AVS anti-vibration system of Ronix 2818 Demolition Hammer is another option which enables you to use this power tool more comfortably during long hours of working.

Detailed Description


The robust and heavy-duty motor of Ronix 2818 Demolition Hammer is capable to deliver 1700W power alongside 55J impact energy, which enables you to use this reliable power tool for any kind of demolition project. This durable power tool is ideal for demolishing concrete structures, driving ground rods, and even small-sized trench works, thanks to its 1400 BPM impact rate.  In order to be more reliable in heavy-duty and more challenging functions, Ronix 2818 Demolition Hammer uses HEX tool-free bit system with automatic bit locking mechanism. 



Indeed, delivering a high impact rate of 1400 beats per minute from the motor to the bit holder needs a powerful gearbox. The gears and lubricating system of Ronix 2818 demolition hammer designed with careful attention to effectively reduce wear and maximize the heat dissipation in a way that this power tool can be applied specifically for heavy-duty applications.


Mechanism and Switches:

Like other Ronix power products, 2818 demolition hammer is equipped with state-of-the-art technological systems and switches. To minimize vibration, Ronix 2818 uses AVS anti-vibration system. This spectacular feature enables you to use 2818 demolition hammer for heavy-duty applications more comfortably and with less fatigue. The unique chisel rotation system of 2818 is another appreciable feature that enables you to adjust the hammering position as simple as possible. By the way, to use for different working conditions and to customize demolition speed, you can easily use the variable speed setting. Also, service reminder light of Ronix 2818 Demolition Hammer never lets you be heedless of your power tool.



The high-quality alloy and robust housing of this power tool has caused its superior heat dissipation and strong body. While performing heavy duties, 2818’s comfortable rubber D-shape handle in combination with its lock function will impressively reduce fatigue during long hours of work. This lock function also helps the protection of armature.



Ronix 2818 Demolition Hammer comes with Ronix wheelchair BMC, a portable durable and resistant case that contains not only the 2818 demolition hammer but also a set of useful accessories including auxiliary Ronix-design handle, Grease bottle, both flat and pointed chisels, a useful spanner and carbon brushes.

-High power, robust 1700W motor delivers up to 55J of impact energy for heavy-duty demolitions 
-AVS anti-vibration system minimizes vibration and reduces operator's fatigue during long hours of working
-Unique chisel rotation system for adjusting the hammering positions
-Variable speed setting to customize demolition speed in different working conditions
-HEX tool-free bit system with automatic bit locking mechanism
-Power indication light lets you know immediately when the cable breaks
-Service reminder light indicated the time to make the maintenance
-Electronic constant speed function for comfortable working in different operations
-D-shape ergonomic handle for maximum control during heavy-duty operations
-Ronix anti-shock wheelchair BMC for easy transportation
-Meets EMC, GS & CE standards


Supplied in
Ronix Wheelchair BMC
Chuck Type
Chuck Size
30 mm
Impact Energy
Max Impact Rate
1400 BPM
Auxiliary Ronix-design handle, Grease tube, hex flat chisel,hex pointed chisel, 3 Hex, Pair of carbon brushes,Screw driver





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I use it every now and then and it’s one of my favorites. The wheelchair is a great collection of accessories.

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If you’ve never used a Ronix power tool, you are in for a treat! Enjoy the real power, it’s the best.

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It’s lighter than its rivals. I used it to hole through a concrete window lintel. The result was so neat and great.

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