Corded Demolition Hammer,950W, HEX

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Maximum demolition power

Put the whole wall to the ground! Feel the absolute power in your hands with Ronix 2807 Demolition Hammer. A perfect tool for reconstruction and demolition teams. Inside 2807 lies an industrially-designed universal motor which converts 950W of electric power to 8J of impact energy. This particular demolition hammer kicks 2900 BPM and makes sure nothing is stopping it. The ergonomic design of the body and handles give you a better control and make this tool perfectly effective for vertical demolition. Direct airflow system cools down the body and the motor for better performance. The concrete wall is resisting and kicks back? Don’t worry, 2807 is equipped with AVS (anti-vibration system) technology which minimizes the vibration during the operation. The full metal 17mm HEX bit holder is fully effective to crimp different types of chisel bits. If you want to find out more about Ronix 2807 Demolition Hammer, click on the “Detailed Description”.

Detailed Description

Motor & Mechanism

Nothing can convert the electrical power to mechanical force better than an industrially-designed universal rotor/stator motor. 950W of electric power is passed through the controller and moves the crankshafts. Then these crankshafts compress the air into a cylinder using several pistons, resulting a mega force kick to the chisel bit. 2900 powerful bits per minute is generated by this very mechanism and it is considered to be an extraordinary demolition speed comparable with leading brands in its level.

Bit Holder

When it comes to crimping and holding, nothing is as effective as a full metal lock 17mm bit holder on 2807. It is super easy to fit the chisel bit on the device by pulling the outer shell back and just let go as soon as you put the bit in HEX cavity. 2807 comes with two different chisel bits (point chisel bit and flat chisel bit).


The die-cast aluminum housing enables light weight of 5.5kg which makes the 2807 a good choice for long demolition operations. Having an aluminum body not only provides superior heat dissipation but also ensures the body strength. 360º auxiliary Ronix-design provides a wide range of movement along with the operator’s position and the anti-shock rubber handle prevents slipping. Extensive soft grips on both handles will reduce fatigue during long hours of working. The spring like metal plate at the back acts as an anti-vibration system which reduces damping on the handle and protects the operator’s wrist. The anti-oil leakage technology improves machine durability. 2807 is designed to be dustproof which enhances the lifetime service. Some vent slots have been put just under the motor container to sucks the air in and cool the device down. Once in a while is a good idea to open the lead above the motor container and put some advanced lubricant in order to have smoother performance. You can find the lead spanner in the box.


The on/off switch is where it supposed to be, right on the main handle and there is another small red lock button on the side to leave the tool on for continuous performance.

If you running a reconstruction or demolition project you will be needing a 2807 in your team. Due to it’s amazing design and speed of demolition, 2807 is an asset. Low noise and vibration, high quality and demolition power is some of the most important features of 2807.

-High efficiency 950W motor delivers 10J of impact energy which is most suitable in vertical operations
-Die-cast aluminum housing enables light weight, superior heat dissipation and enhances body strength
-360° auxiliary Ronix-design anti-shock handle provides a wide range of movement along with operator's comfort
-Double anti-vibration system obviously reduce the damping on the handle so as to protect operator's wrist
-Reliable anti-oil leakage technology improves machine durability
-Optimized high-resistance drive design ensures durability and low noise
-Creative dustproof design enhances service lifetime
-Extraordinary demolition speed system can be absolutely comparable with leading brands in its level
-Extensive soft grip will reduce fatigue during long hours of working



Impact Energy
Chuck Type
Max Impact Rate
2900 BPM
Auxiliary Ronix-design handle, 1 Pointed chisel, Spanner



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