Demolition Hammer 15kg , 50J, 1500W, HEX

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PRO FEATURES, PRO TOOLS, with the best-in-class RONIX TOPLINE SERIES! Did you know that demolition is no longer a challenge? Ronix 2815T demolition hammer with a 30mm hex bit holder is ready to end all your unfinished demolishing tasks! Its high-power 1500W motor delivers up to 50J of impact energy to produce a maximum impact rate of 1400 BPM in all super-industrial operations. 
The Ronix 2815T demolition hammer’s design is highly precise and convenient. Its ideal 15kg weight and the AVS anti-vibration system allow the user’s better handling of the machine. This system controls the vibration resulting from its 1400 beats per minute and prevents the tool’s extreme vibration in the operator’s hands. Its 360° D-shape ergonomic handle is an anti-slip and anti-sweat rubber material and controls the tool’s movements in the hands. This 15kg demolition hammer comes in a wheelchair BMC so that it can be transported easily. 
You have to rest assured that the Ronix 2815T demolition hammer meets various valid certifications, including EMC, GS, and CE standards. As mentioned above, these pro features would provide an enjoyable demolition experience. 
If you need more information about the Ronix 2815T demolition hammer, scroll down to the detailed description.
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Detailed Description

Demolishing would be so easy from now on! With all its outstanding factors and features, the Ronix 2815T demolition hammer from the topline series provides a very successful and satisfactory operating experience to professional users in ultra-industrial uses. With its extraordinary and powerful demolition performance, it meets the needs of the operators in the best possible way.

What features Ronix 2815T Demolition Hammer offers?

Let’s get into the heart of the Ronix 2815T to see what mechanism, spare parts, and features it offers to tools enthusiasts.

Motor and Mechanism:

A robust, high-power 1500W motor is placed in the heart of the Ronix 2815T Demolition Hammer and releases 50J impact energy by connecting to a 220-240V and 50-60Hz power outlet. By producing a 1400BPM maximum impact rate, this high-performance motor can help the constructors finish all their demolition tasks quickly. If you are willing to work in various working conditions, the variable speed setting of this power tool will help customize the demolition speed. Ronix 2815T Demolition Hammer has a super strong motor to show you the real power!

Body and Switches:

Ronix 2815T Demolition Hammer, with its ergonomically-designed 15kg body, is considered a demolishing monster! The D-shape ergonomic handle of the tool is designed to have maximum control during heavy-duty operations. 
The AVS anti-vibration system of this power tool minimizes vibration and reduces the operator’s fatigue during long working hours. 
Its bit holder also has a unique chisel rotation system for adjusting the hammering positions. 
The power indicator light of this tool lets you know whenever there is any cable breakage. 
It also has a service reminder light indicating the time to make the maintenance.

Bit Holder System:

Ronix 2815T demolition hammer has a 30mm Hex tool holder to ease your demolition tasks. It also has a hex tool-free bit system with an automatic bit locking mechanism, dust protection, maximum impact energy transfer rate, and ease of use.


Delivering a high impact rate of 1400 beats per minute from the motor to the bit holder needs a robust gearbox. The gears and lubricating system of the Ronix 2818 demolition hammer are carefully designed to reduce wear and tear and maximize heat dissipation effectively.

Accessories and Packaging:

This power tool comes in a Ronix anti-shock wheelchair BMC case for easy portability. It has an auxiliary Ronix-design handle, a grease bottle, a hex flat chisel, a hex pointed chisel, 3 Hex keys, a pair of carbon brushes, and a screwdriver. All your requirements have been met!

-High power, robust 1500W motor delivers up to 50J of impact energy for heavy-duty demolitions 
-AVS anti-vibration system minimizes vibration and reduces operator's fatigue during long hours of working
-Unique chisel rotation system for adjusting the hammering positions
-Variable speed setting to customize demolition speed in different working conditions
-HEX tool-free bit system with automatic bit locking mechanism, dust protection and maximum impact energy transfer rate and ease of use
-Power indication light lets you know immediately when the cable breaks
-Service reminder light indicated the time to make the maintenance
-Electronic constant speed function for comfortable working in different operations
-D-shape ergonomic handle for maximum control during heavy-duty operations
-Ronix anti-shock wheelchair BMC for easy transportation
-Meets EMC, GS & CE standards



Chuck Type
Chuck Size
30 mm
Impact Energy
Max Impact Rate
1400 BPM
Supplied In
Ronix Wheelchair BMC
Auxiliary Ronix-design handle, Grease Tube, hex flat chisel, hex pointed chisel, 3 Hex key,Pair of carbon brushes , Screw driver



Fredrik Björklund

(10) (10)

Since 9 months ago, I have been reviewing and checking out various similar tools. Finally, settled on this one which seemed to be a fairly new product. I am very pleased with it

(10) (10)

Feng Zhu Kean

(10) (10)

Since 9 months ago, I have been reviewing and checking out various similar tools. Finally, settled on this one which seemed to be a fairly new product. I am very pleased with it

(10) (10)

Mason Leblanc

(10) (10)

This light demolition hammer does some real work around the house and yard but and I could continually use it all day long. It is also very quiet. I guess this is one of the bests.

(10) (10)

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