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Miter saw and Why You Should Buy A Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound

Evolution of Miter Saws

Carpenters have been facing challenges in woodworking through history. Cutting wood in angles was never easy before the advent of saws. But even then, not every saw could make a sharp kerf. Until the miter saw was invented. A miter saw is a tool makes accurate crosscuts and cuts miters, or angled cuts. Like every other device invented by human race, miter saw was not perfect at the time of birth either. The evolution in tools industry lead to major improvements in miter saw and the result was a tool which featured blades that could pivot left and right, tilted for bevelling in two directions and allowed more application extension by moving the material or the cutting blade forward and back, hence the dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw.

Evolution of Miter Saws

There are some challenges and difficulties that professionals face in their carpentry workshop such as limited lengths of cutting wood or limited cutting angles that make carpentry very difficult. It may also have occurred to you that you wanted to cut wood in your carpentry workshop but the base size of the miter saw was not suitable for the job or the angle you wanted to cut the wood was too hard to find and sometimes the whole cutting could go wrong. But no worries, all of this can be solved with a suitable miter saw.Limitations for Woodworkers

Possibilities Made by Ronix R&D

The R&D department in Ronix is where all the innovations start. This department is tasked with improving existing tools and developing new products and solutions. At Ronix R&D department we have along us the best experts whose job is to analyze the needs of users around the world in different industries to meet their needs by producing the best tools, using modern technology and according to the challenges in the workshops. With everyday rise of serious DIY’ers and professionals nowadays who use miter saws for their videos of cutting techniques, the need for a flawless, capable miter saw has risen too. There are lots of miter saws in the market with medium quality which are unsatisfactory for the users, that’s why Ronix has built 5030 and 5025 dual-bevel sliding compound miter saws with premium quality.

Miter Saw

Ronix Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

As you know the fastest way to cut wood is to use a miter saw. A compound miter saw is a fixed position saw with a blade that pivots only one way for angled cuts this is an economical choice for occasional use a dual bevel miter saw gives you additional versatility by tilting in both direction so you can easily make bevel cuts both ways this feature saves you time because you don’t need to continually turnover or reverse your material a sliding miter saw extends the cutting capacity of the saw substantially available in both compound and dual models the sliding feature allows you to move the blade forward and backward to increase the length of the cuts it can provide his feature saves you time because you don’t need to continually turnover or reverse your material. A sliding miter saw extends the cutting capacity of the saw substantially available in both compound and dual models the sliding feature allows you to move the blade forward and backward.

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Miter Saw

In Ronix we used the latest technology and produced miter saws for carpentry workshops so that cutting wood in different lengths and angles is no longer your concern. The Ronix dual-bevel sliding compound Miter Saws 5025 and 5030 enable you to make crosscuts at 90 degree.

Ronix 5025 and 5030 miter saws are equipped with a 2000 watts powerful motor. These compact saws can be transported to various construction sites and workshops with ease thanks to their lightweight design.

This motor can provide a maximum rotation speed of 4,200 rpm which results in high performance in various functions such as cutting wood at a 90-degree angle, as well as bevel angles and other required angles. Ronix miter saw motors are manufactured to ensure long life and high efficiency.

This saw is equipped with a two-way ruler and a movable screw clamp and contains a protective piece for user safety which allows the blade to appear only when cutting. This guard takes care of your hands from hitting the blade during cutting and even after cutting when the blade is moving.

ronix Miter Saw

One of the very important techniques in carpentry and wood cutting, whose presence causes high accuracy in work and achieves the desired result, is the laser technology.

The laser pointer system is installed in the Ronix dual-bevel sliding compound miter saws 5025 and 5030 with the aim of noticing the user of the exact location of the blade hitting the wood before cutting the wood and if necessary, change the position of wood piece to the desired point. This feature is very useful for cutting parts with longer range and at different angles.

The blade in this tool slides forward on its rails, which allows you to cut boards without having to take the board and flip it over. this saw is going to give you the ability to cut a lot longer a compound miter cut on boards without having to take all the time to realign and adjust and flip the board over.


To meet all your carpentry needs, this versatile power tool is equipped with a 2000 watts powerful motor which is lightweight at the same time. The Ronix Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw 5030 and 5025 can help you perform many different applications in the workshop, and it’s easy to transport. The frame of Ronix Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saws is designed to be as compact as possible. In addition, this electrical equipment is lightweight (from 13.8 to 34 kg) compared to other miter saws of its level.

Ronix tools are all made of premium quality materials to ensure maximum precision and durability. That’s what makes Ronix Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw an Indispensable piece of your tool’s arsenal.

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