Cut-off Saws

What Are Cut-off Saws?

Cut off saws generally cut through metal in any type. Cut off saws are provided with a powerful motor and the cutting wheel that is mounted on the arm of the cut off saws are used to cut through the material that you desire to cut. Cut off saws are designed to make less sparks and heat. The angle limitation of such saws is from 0 to 45 degree. Cut off saws’ durability is much higher than any other kind of saw, due to the sturdy base they have.

Different Cut-off Saws:

Due to the job you want the tool to do, there maybe different styles and various types of cut-off saw. Generally, they go under four main categories:

  • Chop Metal Saw: Chop metal saws are a good choice for the customers, who want to cut through metal in a quick, but quality cuts. This type of cut off saws are large and stationary getting benefit of multi-toothed blades that are mounted on the cut off saw’s arm. These cut off saws are better for making straight and bevel cuts in a precise way, but with a high speed.
  • Circular Metal Saw: This type of cut off saws are small and portable. Circular metal saws use rotation in blade to cut the materials. They could cut through long and lengthy metal sheets or aluminum.
  • Reciprocating Metal Saw: This type of cut off saws could simply cut variety of materials with no limitation to metal application. The blade that has been mounted on this kind of cut off saws could move back and forward. It could be used for the unreachable places. Based on this reason, they mostly are used in demolition projects.
  • Band Metal Saw: This cut off saws are brilliant for cutting metal pipes and other heavy stocks. The blade that has been mounted on this tool is in horizontal position that can cut through the workpieces. They are portable and used for thicker pieces and it can simply be used for projects that need the saw to be carried to the workplace.

How to Buy the Best Cut off Saws?

Based on the job you have, the tool you need differs according to the following factors:

  • Power Source: There are three main kinds of power sources in this category. Gas powered, Electric Powered and Battery powered. The Gas-Powered type uses gasoline to run the cut off saw and it maybe the most powerful type of power source. The speed of such cut off saws are much higher than other types, as the source of energy they get is much higher than the other types. The Electric Powered kind uses electricity to start the motor of the cut off saw. This type is much quieter and lighter and easier to operate. They are used for heavy duties but the final power they have is lower than the gas-powered type. And finally, the Battery Powered model, which is supplied by rechargeable battery. The limitation of this type is that they only could be used only with light duties such as cutting aluminum, and they are less powerful than the two other types.
  • Metal Cutting Saw Blades: Generally, they are under two main categories: Abrasive Blades and Cold Saw Blades. The Abrasive Blade produces a lot of sparks, and the other issue maybe the hotness of the blades after the cut. There are some advantages for this type of blade, it is lightweight, cheap and the best choice for beginners. But on the other hand, there are some disadvantages as well. It is a bit slow and it throws sparks around while operation, and the disc is hit after the operation. The cold Saw Blade is the second form of blades that are used with cut off saws. The most eye-catching pro of this type is that they use toothed blades to cut the materials faster than the other type. The next advantage is that while operating this kind of blade you can accurately cut through materials; durability of this kind and the cleanness could be some other factor. But these blades are heavier and more expensive compared to the abrasive blade.
  • Blade size: the size of the blade has to differ for different projects. You will need to use smaller ones (12 inch) for household uses and the big ones (14 inch) are used for industrial uses. Choosing the suitable blade size could help you work more efficiently and with more care.
  • Blade Rotation speed: The rotation speed of the blade could be a factor to take into consideration and you need to focus on the duty you need the tool to do. RPM (Round Per Minute) is a unit that is used for speed of the blades that means if the speed is lower the safety of the tool goes to a higher level.
  • Spark Deflectors: The tool you want to choose needs to have a part called “spark deflector”. This part of the tool protects you from the sparks that are thrown to the area around the tool. You need to check and make sure of the tools’ deflector if you need a high level of safety.

What does Ronix Suggest the Customers with?

Most of the products that Ronix offers the customers with follow the above-mentioned factors. Mainly, we have focused on the users and customers safety, when they want to use our products. The cut-off blades we suggest are in two different types: Stationary and Portable. The stationary type is used in workplaces, where you want the tool in a fixed position without changing the place of the tool. The portable type is used when the customer wants the tool to be used in any place with no limitations. The equipment of these two different kinds varies, but Ronix offers all of the equipment you need with no limitations, so there would be no worries if you want to change any part of the tool you own.

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