Pruning Shear-By Pass X-Tra

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Pruning Shear-By Pass X-Tra from Ronix is equipped with rust-resistant carbon steel blades and is ready to offer you the most accurate cuts on all of your bushes. To protect your hands from any possible injury, it is also fitted with a bumper cushion. With the Ronix Pruning Shear-By Pass X-simple Tra's action reinforced spring, you can close and open the handles with ease. Being in possession of this super-confident pruning shear will give unmatched quality and comfort.
Designed for quick and smooth cutting, these rust-resistant carbon steel blades feature razor-sharp edges and are highly durable. Blades with a high degree of hardness guarantee rapid and precise cuts, making them ideal for both home and professional pruning operations. With these precision-ground steel blades, you can trim for a long period without losing their sharpness, saving you money. Handles are ergonomic aluminum forgings that make cutting and pruning easier and more convenient to all users.

Detailed Description

-Rust-resistant carbon steel blades which are extremely sharp and durable for easy and smooth cut
-Easy action hardened spring gently opens blades after each cut to minimize fatigue
-Fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade which stay sharp even through heavy use
-Ergonomic Aluminum forged handle for convenient operation
-Bumper cushion and shock absorber soften the impact upon finishing cutting and protect your hand and wrist better
-Maximum cutting capacity up to 25 mm (1 inch) diameter
-Sharp, high grade hardness blades ensure quick and precision cuts, suitable for professional pruning tasks
-Locking-mechanism which can be operated conveniently in either right or left-hand use, and never be accidentally scratched when pruner is locked
-Made in Taiwan


Model Name
Pruner Type
By Pass
Blade Material
Stainless steel
Handle Material
Max Cutting Capacity
25mm-1 inch



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