Pruning Shear-By Pass Flora

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Ronix pruning shears, one of the most often used gardening equipment, are available in a variety of sizes and kinds to meet the demands of different users. In order to achieve optimum efficiency, the Ronix Pruning Shear-By Pass Flora includes rust-proof SK-5 blades. The ergonomic slip-free PP/fiberglass + TRP handles of this high-quality hand tool provide exceptional comfort and control. For basic pruning, they're a great choice because to their sharp blades, like Ronix Pruning Shear-By Pass Flora from Ronix.
Meant to be as light as possible, Ronix Pruning Shear-By Pass Flora is designed to prevent hand pain caused by continuous use. Sharp blades make these shears ideal for professional pruning. This bypass pruner's locking feature makes it easy to open and, for safety reasons, lock with one hand. Locking mechanism on the Ronix Pruning Shear is easy to use with either hand and eliminates inadvertent scratches to the hands. You can trust Ronix Pruning Shears-By Pass Flora when it comes to cutting new wood. In addition, its sharp, precision-ground blades allow for a delicate cut near to the trunk, which is especially beneficial for young and fresh branches.



Detailed Description

No matter how much technology advances, gardening lovers usually prefer not to use high-tech power tools and usually go for hand tools. To cut and trim hedges, shrubs, or herbs, there is an alternative to power tools Ronix RH-3105 Pruning Shears. The sharp blades of this pruner make cutting in the garden easier and more efficient. These rust-resistant SK-5 steel blades guarantee longer service life and make it so easy to have a smooth cut. By the way, Ronix RH-3105 Pruning Shears’ blades are coated with non-stick PTEF to help blades glide through wood and be as rust-resistant as possible.
In order to have a perfect tool with the flawless performance, it is important to pay attention to all details and this is one of the aspects that make Ronix products unique. In this regard, easy action hardened spring of Ronix RH-3105 Pruning Shears makes it possible to gently open the blades after each cut and minimizes the fatigue. This embedded spring provides a gentle cutting to protect the user's hand and wrist. Also, to make work conditions better and better, Ronix RH-3105 Pruning Shears have ergonomic non-slip PP/Fiberglass + TPR handles. Using these efficient handles makes it much easier to work comfortably during longtime tasks.
Ronix RH-3105 Pruning Shears are designed to be as lightweight as possible to reduce hand soreness caused by prolonged use. These shears are suitable for professional pruning tasks too, thanks to their sharp blades. The locking mechanism allows this bypass pruner to be opened smoothly and, for safety reasons, to be locked with one hand. Ronix RH-3105 Pruning Shears’ locking mechanism can be operated conveniently in eighter right or left hand and prevents the hands to be accidentally scratched when the pruner is locked. When cutting fresh wood, Ronix RH-3105 Pruning Shears can be used trustfully. Since its sharp, precision-ground knives slide past each other, it enables a gentle cut close to the trunk, which is particularly advantageous for young and fresh branches and twigs.


-Stainless steel which are extremely sharp and durable for easy and smooth cut
-Non-stick coated blades helps blade glide through wood and resist rust
-Easy action hardened spring gently opens blades after each cut to minimize fatigue
-Ergonomic non-slip PP/Fiberglass+TPR handle increases comfort and provides less fatigue during longtime jobs
-Lightweight gardening shears to reduce hand soreness caused by prolonged use
-Sharp, high grade hardness blades ensure quick and precision cuts, suitable for professional pruning tasks
-Locking-mechanism which can be operated conveniently in either right or left hand use and never be accidentally scratched when pruner is locked
-Made In Taiwan


Pruner Type
By Pass
Blade Material
High carbon SK-5 steel, non-stick PTFE coated blade
Handle Material



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