Headlamp 160LM

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Headlamps are among the most useful tools everyone should have. The uttermost priority in the Ronix is producing high-quality tools with longer service life, and for sure, to suit the needs of a wide range of users. In this regard, the Ronix LUMEN headlamp series offers compact and wide beam tools useful for different applications. Ronix Headlamp 160LM uses LED bulbs with SMD technology to guarantee the maximum brightness and longer lifetime. Besides, this powerful headlamp is ideal for middle-range activities with its 150 meters illumination range. The resistant metal body of Ronix RH-4282 headlamp is the other advantage of this tool to its peers.
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For brisk sports, you need a powerful headlamp, the beam of which can best be continuously adjusted to the width of the path. This is exactly what the brand new Ronix RH-4282 headlampoffers. To do this at the best, Ronix RH-4282 headlampuses state-of-the-art LED bulbs with SMD technology. Thanks to this new technology, the RH-4282 headlamp can offer the maximum brightness and long service life. 160LM brightness that this extraordinary headlamp offers turns night into day!  In addition, the Ronix RH-4282 headlamp is equipped with a high-quality optical lens. At the same time, this operative lens designed waterproof and dustproof in order to be useful even in rainy weather or dusty work environments. No one can deny the importance of the illumination range of a headlamp.

Don’t keep Ronix RH-4282 headlamp in temperatures below 10֯C or higher than 50֯C. lower or higher temperatures can affect the performance of this headlamp and cause eventually to malfunction. Ronix RH-4282 headlamp with its 150m illumination range is a great tool for far distances and middle ranged activities; using RH-4282 with this high illumination range enables you to find your way in a dark night through the mountains or even vast grasslands. Also, the capability to work for 6 to 12 hours continuously, and resistant metal body, which prevents any damage in case of sudden strikes, are another add ups for nature lovers.

If you go cycling or jogging, it is necessary to have a headlamp like Ronix RH-4282 headlampwith convenient and at the same time adjustable headband to make you sure that it will not fall during the activity. The powerful and lightweight Ronix LUMEN headlamp seriesis produced to be suitable for various activities like mountain climbing, running, cycling, , and also is the best for technicians and repairmen. Other than the above-mentioned features, the adjustable and convenient headband of Ronix RH-4282 headlampis a big boon for the users.

-Resistant metal body can prevent damage in case of sudden strikes
- The LUMEN series headlamps have a wide beam and are compact for comfort
-LED bulbs with SMD technology for maximum brightness and longer lifetime
-Multifaceted high-quality optical lens design, waterproof and dustproof 
-The powerful and lightweight headlamp is built for mountaineering, running, cycling, hiking and backpacking
-Features a convenient and adjustable headband
-150 meters illumination range makes it ideal for middle range activities 
-Light up between 6 to 12 hours of regular, continuous use


160 LM
Bulb Type
Illumination Range
6-12 Hours
58*68*48 mm
Storage Temperature
‐10℃ to 50℃
Operating Temperature
0℃ to 40℃
160 LM

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