Headlamp 90LM

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Thanks to the integration of the LED headlamp into the breathable headgear, Ronix Headlamp 90LM is extremely comfortable to wear and prevents the light from slipping or wobbling on the head. Due to the low total weight of only 85 grams and the great weight distribution, you won't even notice that you are wearing a headlamp. This powerful and lightweight headlamp is produced in a way to be applicable for mountaineering, running, cycling, hiking, and also is the best for technicians and repairmen.

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Detailed Description

No matter whether you go jogging after work, have to go out with your dog in the early morning, or try to screw in a hard-reaching corner of a board: Even in the dark, you want to know exactly where you are going. With Ronix RH-4281 headlamp you not only illuminate the path and the surroundings in front of you, but you also have your hands free. This high-quality headlamp impresses you in comparison with its simple look, many additional functions and, of course, its light intensity. The price-performance victory goes to the Ronix RH-4281 headlamp for both domestic and outdoor use.

The capability to work for continuous use between 5 to 6 hours, is a big advantage for nature-lovers and makes Ronix RH-4281 headlamp a popular tool. This is much beyond the ordinary headlamps’ battery capacity. In addition to its long-time use capability, RH-4281 with its 50 meters illumination range is ideal for close-range activities. Those who go mountaineering, running, cycling, or hiking know better than others how much it is beneficial to have a lightweight headlamp with adjustable convenient headband. Being busy with what you do causes to forget you have Ronix headlamp on your head; so, after using Ronix RH-4281 headlamp don’t forget to remove it from your head!

RH-4281 headlamp is one of the Ronix LUMEN headlamp series which includes two other ones: RH-4280 and RH-4282; all of them are designed in a way to be as light as possible and at the same time compact, to suit various needs of the users. To be applicable in outdoor activities to the same extent as indoor jobs, Ronix RH-4281 headlamp is equipped with a multifaceted high-quality optical lens. No matter you go hiking on a rainy day or trying to find a family memoir from a dusty attic; Ronix RH-4281 headlamp with its first-class waterproof and dustproof optical lens never leaves you alone.

-Resistant metal body can prevent damage in case of sudden strikes
- The LUMEN series headlamps have a wide beam and are compact for comfort
-Multifaceted high-quality optical lens design, waterproof and dustproof 
-The powerful and lightweight headlamp is built for mountaineering, running, cycling, hiking and backpacking
-Features a convenient and adjustable headband
-50 meters illumination range makes it ideal for close range activities 
-Light up between 5 to 6 hours of regular, continuous use


90 LM
Bulb Type
Illumination Range
5-6 Hours
33x46 mm
Storage Temperature
‐10℃ to 50℃
Operating Temperature
0℃ to 40℃



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