Digital Mini Compressor, 11Bar, DC 12 Cigar Lighter, with Pouch bag

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Digital mini compressors are compact and portable air compressors, featuring a digital display that provides precise readings of pressure and other important parameters. They work by drawing air into the compressor and then using an electric motor to compress the air to a higher-pressure level, which can then be used for a variety of purposes such as inflating tires or powering pneumatic tools. Ronix RH-4260B is a device that combines a lightweight and portable body with a powerful motor, capable of providing a maximum air pressure of 160PSI. This portable device weighs 1.6kg and only needs a car’s cigarette lighter to power on.

Detailed Description

Ronxi RH-4260B is a highly portable mini air compressor that has a digital display and comes with different adapters to cover a wide variety of applications.

Ronix RH-4260B, 160PSI 12V DC Digital Mini Compressor:

Digital mini compressors can be used in drastically different situations and scenarios and our RH-4260B is no exception to this versatility. From inflating car and bicycle tires and powering pneumatic nail guns to even spray paint, this compact behemoth can do it all. If you are looking for a small and highly portable air compressor that doesn’t sacrifice performance, Ronix RH-4260B is the one to go for. Here, we will take a closer look at its construction and main features. Stay with us to learn more about this petite handy device.

Motor and mechanism:

To provide excellent performance in any scenario, we have equipped our RH-4260B with a robust and powerful motor that can offer a maximum air pressure of 160PSI which equals 11 Bar and 1100 kPa. In addition to this pressure, the included motor can create a maximum airflow of 360 liters/minute which can come in handy when using this device as a blower. This motor only needs a 12V DC cigarette lighter port of a car to turn on which makes our RH-4260B model the perfect option for outdoor and camping use. Using this feature, you can have access to high-pressure air without the need for an electricity generator.

Digital gauge display:

In addition to its powerful and versatile capabilities, the RH-4260B is also equipped with a digital gauge display that shows the created air pressure live. Using this display, you can monitor the created pressure and start using the device as soon it reaches the desired levels.


Equipped with a lightweight body and ergonomic handles, Ronix RH-4260B is a compact and portable device that weighs 1.6kg. Its body also features wide bases that increase its stability during operation. Additionally, Ronix RH-4260B is armed with a few highly efficient LED lights that can come in handy during emergencies or when your flashlight’s batteries run out. This means that by purchasing our RH-4260B model you will get a flashlight in addition to a robust and powerful air compressor. Plus, we have equipped our RH-4260B model with an 81cm-long inflator hose and a 36cm-long pump hose that increases its reach without the need for moving the device itself.

Auto shut-off switch:

Ronix RH-4260B is not only powerful but it is packed with safety and quality-of-life features as well. It has an auto shut-off switch that automatically turns the motor off when the air pressure reaches the desired level. This feature reduces power consumption as well as the noise created by the device.

Accessories and packaging:

Ronix RH-4260B is not just an air compressor; by using a special tube, it can act as a blower as well. This model comes with various adapters that expand its useability and versatility. These include a ball Adaptor, a tire valve adaptor, an air bed adaptor in addition to a flexible tube. Furthermore, Ronix RH-4260B is supplied in a Ronix pouch that ensures its easy and safe carriage.


-High-efficiency pump and motor for true 160 PSI capability
-Multi-function tool suitable for inflating tires on cars, bikes, sedan,…
-Comes with different adapapters to cover a wide variety of applications
-Auto shut off when reaching the desired air pressure
-Digital Pressure Gauge shows the amount of air pressure
-Plug directly into Cigarette Lighter Socket of your Vehicle
-Equipped with 12V-DC Cigarette Lighter Socket Plug
-Can be used as a blower with special tube
-High-quality ergonomic body design for more convenient use
-Equipped with high-efficiency LED light, so can be used also as a flashlight
-Special design for air hose and adaptors placement
-Wide bases for more stability
-Supplied in Ronix-design pouch for easy and safe carriage


Power Source
DC 12 Cigarette Lighter
Max Pressure
160 PSI /11 Bar /1100 KPa
Inflator Hose Length
Pump Hose Length
Ball Adaptor, Tire Valve Adaptor, Air Bed Adaptor,Flexible tube
Supplied In
Ronix Pouch


Timon Hartmann

(10) (10)

I have a basketball gym and I use this to inflate balls. Never had problem using it.

(10) (10)

Sara Küng

(10) (10)

It makes noise when it works. Is it normal?

(10) (10)

Sean Ssekanjako

(10) (10)

I bought these last month for my truck and it came handy few times.

(10) (10)

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