Foldable Cordless Screwdriver, 3.6V, 3N.M

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Ronix 8536 Cordless Screwdriver is an actual box of glory. If you need to screw frequently and you are obsessed with your safety, this would be your favorite tool. Its SAMSUNG lithium, fast charging, 1.5Ah and lifelong battery will assure you of the highest quality. Its 6+1 clutch setting will help you be greatly accurate while screwing and this will bring you comfort and relief. It’s extremely lightweight and will never tire you even after doing hours of drilling and screwing. This small and unique cordless screwdriver can be used almost everywhere even in tight places due to its dual-angle handle. 


Detailed Description

If you regularly need to screw and are concerned about safety, the Ronix 8536 Cordless Screwdriver, Folding, 3.6V is the tool for you. Its SAMSUNG lithium, rapid charging, 1.3Ah, and long-lasting battery ensures the best level of performance. Its 6+1 clutch setting will assist you in being extremely exact while screwing, providing you with relaxation and relief. It's really light and won't wear you out even after hours of drilling and bolting. Because of its dual-angle handle, this compact and distinctive cordless screwdriver can be used practically anywhere, even in tight spaces.

Motor and mechanism:

The Ronix 8536 Cordless Screwdriver, Folding, 3.6V is fitted with a high-performance motor that allows it to fasten or loosen screws continuously with varying degrees of torque. This is a critical characteristic in various businesses that need screwing in a variety of sizes and shapes. This strong motor and its industrially constructed gearbox have resulted in a maximum torque of 3N.M; you can drill and screw with ease just by pressing the trigger. Despite its strength, the Ronix 8536 Cordless Screwdriver's no-load speed of 200RPM has transformed it into a tool for easy tasks. A 6+1 clutch setting is cleverly developed to reduce the risk of fastener breakage and improve screwing and drilling precision.


With a chuck capacity of 6.25mm-14 inch, this cordless screwdriver boasts a sturdy bit holder. The release chuck design allows the power and drill bits to be easily removed and replaced. This will make it much easier for operators to change parts and save a lot of time.


The finest feature of the Ronix 8536 Cordless Screwdriver, Folding, 3.6V is undoubtedly its battery. This SAMSUNG lithium battery is a 3.6V professional lithium battery with great efficiency. You may rely on it for a longer period of time than other cordless screwdrivers thanks to its 1.3Ah battery capacity! This fast-charging battery allows you to check the status of your battery simply by looking at the battery indicator on the tool's body. Because this battery will last a long time, you will be able to put an end to all of your worries and concerns regarding your cable or battery life.


The Ronix 8536 Cordless Screwdriver, Folding, 3.6V is remarkably light for a cordless screwdriver. It barely weighs 600 grams! In other words, you don't feel anything when holding it in your hands. Its small weight and ergonomic form make it a pleasurable instrument for all of its devotees. It may be utilized nearly anywhere and at any time. It's furthermore fitted with an LED light to deliver ideal brightness to your workspace in the event of darkness, so you may use it in dark zones as needed.

The Ronix 8536 Cordless Screwdriver, Folding, 3.6V has a unique 4-layer design BMC that allows you to store the tool and all of its attachments in a tiny package. A rapid charger is included, as well as an all-in-one screwdriver with 117 useful bits and sleeves made of high-quality CR-V. 

For cordless screwdriver enthusiasts, the Ronix 8536 Cordless Screwdriver with its beautifully built SAMSUNG lithium battery will be the finest option. 6+1 clutch settings may be screwed in. You may also use the 117 relevant bits in the package to do a variety of tasks. For you, drilling and screwing would be as simple as ABC.


-high performance motor enables perfect functionality in fastening with different torques
-Light-weight, ergonomic small body design for maximum efficiency and convenient use
-Provides up to 200 RPM and 3NM of torque for effortless operation
-High performance, long life and fast charging 1.3Ah, 3.6V  Lithium battery
-1/4-inch quick release chuck
-6+1 clutch settings enable efficient and accurate screwing and drilling for reduce fastener damage
-Quick change chuck system for easy and fast bits replacement
-Equipped with LED light which illuminates the dark zone and brings optimal brightness in the work area
-Battery charging indicator lets you know the battery level fast and easy
-Fast charging system in charger provides optimum performances in tight working situations
-All-inclusive screwdriver set includes 117 applicable bits and sockets made from high quality CR-V material plus charger 
-Dual angle handle
-Unique design 4-layer BMC to hold different kinds of bits for ease of use



No-Load Speed
Chuck Capacity
6.25mm-1/4 inch
Battery Chemistry
Battery Voltage
Battery Capacity
Max Torque
Battery Charging Time
3to5 Hours
Supplied in
1 fast charger, 117 Accessories





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I'm quite pleased with it and have already used it numerous times... a must-have for any handyman doing 'small' work.

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It's simple to use, quick to charge, and it keeps the charge for a long time and the tool actually saves your hands if twisting a screwdriver hurts your hands.

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I enjoy how tiny it is and how adaptable it is.

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