Cordless Drill Driver, 12V, 25N.M

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Drill drivers are multi-purpose battery-powered tools used for drilling and screwing applications. Due to their compact structure and lightweight body, drill drivers are the perfect tools to carry around workspace and job sites. That’s why it’s a must-have tool in every craftsman’s toolkit.
Among other 86 models of Ronix, the 8612 Cordless Drill Driver is the smallest of all. But, as a professional user or someone who needs a cordless tool at home, you can count on this cordless device with its 1.5Ah lithium battery and 1kg anti-shock body to drill and screw inside wood and metal. It has a robust, waterproof, and shockproof motor in a small, strong body.
Whether it is a rainy day or not, you accidentally drop it, or the battery dies, this cordless drill driver never leaves you alone at the worksite or in your house. Because of its two long-life and fast-charging Samsung batteries included in the BMC case, anti-shock body, and waterproof motor, you never need to worry about anything at the job site.
If you want to learn more about this drill driver, check out the detailed description.

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Detailed Description

Let’s get to know more about Ronix 8612. In the following, find detailed descriptions of the motor, mechanism, design, battery, and other specifications of this cordless drill driver.


Why choose Ronix 8612 Cordless Drill Driver?

Carpentry, blacksmithing, cabinet-making, simple office, and housework are just a few areas where the Ronix 8612 12V Cordless Drill-Driver can be efficiently operational. Compared to the other Ronix cordless and power drill drivers and other brands, you will find the price so reasonable. Considering its quality, Ronix has made it easy and obvious for you to make the right decision.

Motor and Mechanism:

At first, you might say that it is a drill driver like the other brands in the market. But if you pay more attention, its robust and waterproof 12V motor and the gearbox made of the best material make a big difference between 8612 and other cordless tools. This cordless drill driver’s robust, high-power motor can deliver a maximum torque of 25N.M and help the user perform the best in drilling and screwing applications.


Its 2-speed functions are competent for both high-speed and high-power applications. The motor’s gearbox can operate at no-load speeds of 0-400RPM (high-power) and 0-1500RPM (high-speed). With this gearbox, you can drill in various workpieces.


This cordless drill has 18 clutch settings that enable the user to adjust the speed and power to screw more efficiently and accurately.


The Ronix 8612 Cordless Drill Driver is equipped with a 2-sleeves keyless chuck, making the process of changing drill bits and power bits easy and quick. This chuck can hold drill bits up to 10mm in diameter, and the maximum drilling diameter of this chuck for drilling holes and screwing in wood is 20mm, and in metal is 10mm.


Have you ever dropped a tool? How do you feel to see it broken into pieces, especially if it is a cordless tool? The problem is solved by designing a high-resistance, anti-shock body with a rubber grip, removing the risk of damage in case of falling or stroke. Also, the handle’s ergonomic design will lead to much better machine control. This compact and handy structure weighs only 1kg and is perfectly suitable for work in confined spaces. The tool is featured an efficient LED work light that comes to help in hard-to-reach and dark places.


The tool has various switches, including an anti-dust trigger switch, a forward/reverse switch to change the drilling direction, and a mode selector switch on top to switch between drilling and screwing modes.


High-performance, long life, and fast charging 1.5Ah/12V Samsung lithium batteries; are these specifications enough to know its capabilities well? The fast-charging system in the charger provides optimum performance in tight working situations. It can be a significant factor in places without power outlets requiring long work hours. What completes its functional battery is the battery charging indicator that lets you know the battery level fast and efficiently. There is an extra 1.5Ah/12V battery inside the Ronix 8612 box, and the batteries are powered with a 220-240V fast charger.

Accessories and Packaging:

Ronix 8612 cordless drill driver is supplied in a BMC hard case. The package contains one additional 1.5Ah battery and a fast charger to provide the tool’s power.

-Powerful motor for the best performance in drilling and screwing
-High-resistantat waterproof motor allows working in wet situations
-Ergonomic compact handy structure that weighs only 1kg and perfectly suitable for work in confined spaces
-10mm 2-sleeves keyless chuck for higher efficiency
-High performance, long life and  fast charging 1.5Ah Lithium battery
-18 clutch settings enables efficient and accurate screwing and reduces fastener damage 
-2 speed functions competent for both high-speed and high-power applications
-Anti-shock soft grip ergonomic handle for perfect machine control
-Efficient in hard-to-reach and dark places thanks to the best LED worklight
-High resistance, anti-shock body designed with rubber grip removes the risk of damage in case of falling or any kind of stroke
-Battery charging indicator lets you know the battery level fast and easy
-Fast charging system in charger provides optimum performances in tight working situations


Battery Chemistry
Battery Voltage
DC 12V
Max Torque
Chuck Type
Chuck Size
Max Capacity In Wood
Max Capacity In Metal
Battery Capacity
Two 1.5Ah/12V , 1 fast charger



Claire Johnston

(10) (10)

As a cordless tool used for house work, it is awesome.

(10) (10)

Gabrijel Mandžukić

(10) (10)

I bought it a month ago. We make wooden furniture and cabinets. It is so practical and the power is quite suitable for what we do.

(10) (10)

Aiden Fortin

(10) (10)

Considering the price, it is a great and powerful tool. Thanks Ronix for including two batteries inside its case.

(10) (10)

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