Topline Arc/TIG Welding Inverter, 11 KVA, 250A

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Ronix's RH-4625 Arc/TIG Welding Inverter is a compact and very flexible ARC/TIG welder. Ronix RH-4625 is one of the members of Ronix Topline Series. The Ronix RH-4625 Arc/TIG Welding Inverter is a high-frequency welder that can perform both small and heavy-duty operations with ease and minimal power usage. It's almost light, weighing only 11 kilograms, making it simple to transport and handle. To achieve better welding quality, greater welding penetration, reduced energy consumption and increased efficiency, it also employs IGBT technology. 
The RH-4625 Topline Arc/TIG Welding Inverter features a TIG welding system, as well as a unique automated short circuit current protection, a simple ignition mechanism that produces less spark, and outstanding arc striking performance on rust surfaces, all of which improve your tool's efficiency and performance. This welding inverter also includes a hot start, anti-stick mechanism, making it ideal for entry-level welders, as well as a professional cooling system to improve efficiency and welding precision. Overvoltage, overheat, overcurrent, and overload protection are also provided for the safety of welders and the welding machine itself.
Welders can perform very accurate and precise welding operations thanks to the digital display. Additionally, the RH-4625 Arc/TIG Welding Inverter has two volumes (current and arc force) for easier and more accurate welding settings. The Ronix RH-4625 Arc/TIG Welding Inverter can handle MMA electrodes with a diameter of up to 5mm. In case you are into finding more about RH-4625, click on the detail description and read more.

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Detailed Description

-IGBT technology for better welding quality, greater welding penetration, reduced energy consumption and increased efficiency
-Equipped with TIG system
-Unbeatable automatic short circuit current protection, easy ignition, less spark, provides excellent arc strike performance at rust surface
-Run 5mm MMA electrode
-Multi protection of over voltage, over heat, over current and over load protection
-Hot start, anti-stick, less spark, reliable. Ideal welding equipment for entry-level welder.
-Equip with 2 volumes (Current, Arc force) for easy and better welding setting 
- Digital display provides highly accurate welding
- Professional cooling system in order to increase efficiency and continuance welding


Input voltage
No-Load voltage
Output Current range
Max Input Power Capacity
11 KVA
Duty Cycle
Electrode Diameter
1.6 - 5.0
Earth clamp+3m cable, Welding clamp+3m cable

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