DC Arc Welding Inverter, 200A,Turbo fan plus

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Your welding operations are guaranteed with the Ronix RH-4604 DC Arc Welding Inverter. This inverter includes three boards: a power board, rectifier board, and inverter board, and it can accurately adjust the current and display the actual current output of the machine through a digital display. This machine has a thermo-switch system to protect itself against excessive temperature increases with excellent quality and simple functionality. A low volume, lightweight design, and easy portability are unique characteristics of this inverter.

IGBT technology in the Ronix RH-4604 DC Arc Welding Inverter helps the customers improve welding quality and penetration while decreasing energy consumption and boosting efficiency. Unbeatable automated short circuit current protection and simple ignition, resulting in reduced sparking and good performance at the corrosion surface, make the Ronix Rh-4604 an ideal choice. A 5mm MMA electrode can be used with this power tool. Other features include protection against over-voltage, heat, overcurrent, and overload.

Hot start, anti-stick, reduced spark, and reliability make the RH-4604 a great welding equipment for new welders. For easier and better welding settings, the Ronix DC Arc Welding Inverter 200A has two volumes (Current and Arc Force) and a professional cooling system, which increases welding efficiency and allows for continuous welding. This inverter’s digital display makes it easier to weld precisely.

This tool applies to industrial, professional, and household operations, small and medium workshops, building skeletons, metal workings, construction of tanks, farming industries, gas pipelines, mobile projects, factories, etc.

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Detailed Description

A brand-new product with a novel design inside and outside! From the casing material to a selection of electronic components, it’s all done by the Ronix R&D team. Although the pricing is competitive in the market, RH-4604 sets the bar high regarding welding quality and safety features.

What features does Ronix RH-4604 offer to the welders?

Let’s take a look at more detailed specifications and features of this high-power welding machine.


The use of capacitors in the rectifier circuit, which works with a 220V and 50Hz power source, and has a 60% duty cycle at 25°C, makes the power of this product increase to a max input power capacity of 9.5 kVA, the max input current of 43Amps, and no-load voltage of 65V. At the input rectifier, the AC is converted to DC. The DC current is converted to AC in the inverter board in which the IGBT technology is used. Finally, the AC current is converted to DC in the output rectifier. The output current range is between 30Amps and 200Amps, and the output voltage is 25.6 volts. As a result of this high amperage, the longevity of this welding machine would be improved.

These powerful features cause the RH-4604 welding inverter to have the ability to permanently weld with 4 and 5 electrodes. A function that is generally performed in inverters with a higher output current, but this product has coped well with 200 real amps.


Ronix RH-4604 is built with a compact, lightweight, and high-resistance body design for better portability and easy movement. The users of welding inverters know very well that if the weight of this tool is considerable, it’s difficult to transport and move it, especially along different building floors or in height. So, they should consider buying a welding machine with maximum power, output ampere, and minimum weight.

Considering the needs of professional users, Ronix has designed and manufactured its RH-4604 welding inverter with the minimum possible weight. This 6.48kg product has a unique technical design and a robust and impact-resistant body that brings a long life to your inverter.


This machine works with a 40Apm power switch with high-purity copper connections, which allows for more control over input current fluctuations and helps for less wear and tear of the machine.


This welding inverter features two volumes for an easy and better welding setting—one for adjusting current and the other for arc force. The feedback system of the arc force allows you to control the weld’s depth according to the thickness of your workpiece, alongside the smooth and consistent weld with a stable arc.

Fuji IGBT Technology:

With this machine’s 50Amp Fuji IGBT transistors, you get the best of BJT and MOSFET transistors. In other words, you get the high-speed switching ability and high-voltage control that provides an actual 200Ah output current so that the operator can experience a high-quality and constant welding operation.


Maximum output of 200Amps lets you use electrode sizes from 1.6mm up to 5mm for continuous welding and offers a quality welding experience even in more extended applications.

Protection System:

Over-current/over-voltage/over-heating/overload multi-protection circuit is installed in this machine. The device will stop automatically when the network voltage, output current, or inner temperature exceeds the standard. However, excessive use (e.g., too high voltage) of the machine will damage the welder.

Anti-Stick Function:

The RH-4604 features an anti-sticking capability to ease working with various welding electrodes without sticking.

Cooling System:

Professionals are aware that overheating and excessive temperature damage electronic pieces. But Ronix’s inverter is equipped with a professional cooling system. By using high-cycle DC fans and heatsinks with large blades, this inverter helps the welding process in any circumstances.

The casing is designed to help the cooling process of the machine in conjunction with a high-speed fan in the back panel to increase the airflow.

Digital display:

A high-precision digital display is integrated into the inverter to display the actual output current and arc force according to the application and help the user to have a more accurate welding experience.

Accessories and Packaging:

The Ronix RH-4604 is supplied in a Ronix color box. The box includes all the needed accessories, such as a welding clamp, an earth clamp, a welding mask, and a hammer + scotch brush.

-IGBT technology for better welding quality , greater welding penetration,reduced energy consumption and increased efficiency
-Equipped with  fan(24v-0.7A) with special design in the impeller part in order to double the air volume and increase the device's operating time
-Unbeatable automatic short circuit current protection, easy ignition, less spark, provides excellent arc strike performance at rust suface
-Run 5mm MMA electrode
-Multi protection of over voltage, over heat, over current and over load protection
-Hot start, anti-stick, less spark, reliable. Ideal welding equipment for entry-level welder.
-Equip with 2 volumes ( Current , Arc force) for easy and better welding setting 
- Digital display provides highly accurate welding
- Professional cooling system in order to increase efficiency and continuance welding


Input voltage
220V± 15%
No-Load voltage
Output Current range
Rated Output Voltage
Max Input Power Capacity
9.5 KVA
Max Input Current
Power Factor
Duty Cycle
Insulation Class
Electrode Diameter
1.6 - 5.0
Supplied In
Ronix color box
Earth clamp+1.2m cable, Welding clamp+1.8m cable,Scotch brush+Hammer,Mask


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