Wholesale Demolition Hammers

Know More About Demolition Hammer

Know More About Demolition Hammer

Break Down Barriers to the Growth of Your Business

As handy equipment used to break down walls and skeleton frames of a building, demolition hammers are one of the widely used tools in construction and industry.
AN INDUSTRIAL MIRACLE THAT ANY TOOL SHOP SHOULD HAVE ON ITS SHELVES Numerous brands in the market manufacture and sell such power tools in bulk to attract international importers and distributors as customers. But there is no need to be worried or confused by too many names.
The different factors buyers consider when buying a demolition hammer include:
• Power
• weight
• speed
• chisel size
• efficiency
So, all you need to do is select a brand that meets your clients’ standards, produces high-quality tools, and combines variety with affordability. As easy as that.

Max impact rates + power; what do we have to offer?

Ronix is the solution you are looking for! As a top demolition hammer manufacturer and supplier, our German tool brand has something for everyone. Our collection has 18 electric demolition hammers with powers ranging from 950 to 2200W and max impact rates that can go up to 4000 blows per minute.
These tools come in different weights that make them suitable for various applications, from small and lightweight models to heavy-duty ones that weigh almost 30kg! Stock your store with this collection to help clients find the right tool for a range of activities, from high-intensity drilling and mine blasting to light chiseling applications in brick or masonry.
Ronix demolition hammers are equipped with two different types of chucks:
• SDS Max
• SDS Plus
SDS max chucks are designed for an optimum transfer of force and are suitable for drilling at high speeds, and hex tool holders can impressively enhance demolition performance.
Now, let’s take a closer look at the other features of Ronix demolition hammers for sale. They have an extraordinary demolition speed and a double anti-vibration system. These power tools also have their own grease lubricating system for cooling mechanical parts efficiently and ensuring the machine’s durability. This durability is also ensured by anti-dust ball bearings that reduce friction.
Overload clutch systems that protect armatures and ensure safety, die-cast magnesium/ aluminum housings that result in lighter weight and superior heat dissipation, and unique chisel rotation systems for adjusting the hammering positions, are the other handy features of these power tools. Moreover, a dustproof and high torque motor is enough to make them the best choice for use in construction job sites.

Break Down Barriers of Growth with Ronix Demolition Hammers!

Break Down Barriers of Growth with Ronix Demolition Hammers!


Why Ronix?

Ronix demolition hammers are particularly encouraging to buy because they come with some of the most needed accessories that clients won’t have to get separately anymore. These accessories include:
• Grease Pots
• Dust Caps
• Drill And Pointed or Flat Chisel Bits in Different Sizes
• Carbon Brushes
• Anti-Shock Ronix-Design Handles
These ergonomic tools are also packed in BMC hard cases that make their transportation and shipping easier and catch the customers’ eyes.

The Best Brand to Stock Your Store With

As demolition hammer distributors and importers, you might have experienced the challenge of finding the right tool brand to stock your collection with its goods because the brands that produce high-quality tools typically sell them at high prices, while the ones that prioritize affordability over excellence, offer products with a poor quality because, as the saying goes, you get what you pay!
Ronix is the only manufacturer and supplier that has filled the gap between high-quality and reasonable prices. Here, you can order five-star wholesale demolition hammers at a fair price. We have 500 factories in 12 countries worldwide, but the quality of all our products is verified by a German R&D team no matter where they are being made.
The combination of high quality and affordability is not the only reason for choosing us to get demolition hammers from. Ronix is the only tool brand worldwide that provides clients with customized advertising material for FREE! The importers and distributors that buy our tools can order the ad services they need from our creative team and expect professional written or visual content in any language WITHOUT PAYING ANYTHING.

Fast Delivery

The last but not least advantage of buying wholesale demolition hammers from Ronix is the short time you should wait for your package to be shipped. 15 days is all it takes for your orders to be ready to load and ship from our warehouses worldwide.

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