Wholesale Rotary & Demolition Hammers

Rotary and Demolition Hammers: Shake Up the Market

Rotary and demolition hammers are a good investment if you import or distribute heavy-duty tools and want to satisfy a wide range of your customers’ needs.

Rotary & Demolition Hammers

Rotary Hammers: Penetrate the Concrete

As a reputed rotary hammer supplier, Ronix offers a wide range of these handy power tools to meet all clients’ needs. They are equipped with either SDS Plus or Max chucks. With their special bits, SDS max chucks give the user a higher capacity for tougher materials. At the same time, their plus counterparts are made for less heavy jobs.
Thanks to their powerful motors, these tools perform different operations, such as Drilling, Hammering, and Hammering with Rotation.
Their impact rate ranges from 2600 to 5500 BPM, and they deliver no-load speeds ranging from 150 to 1700 RPM.
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Ronix corded rotary hammers have chisel rotation and overload safety clutch systems. They come with exclusively designed grease lubrication mechanisms that ensure higher efficiency and durability. 
Rotary & Demolition Hammers
Rotary & Demolition Hammers
Moreover, these tools have magnesium/aluminum housing that enhances body strength and ensures their lightweight and superior heat dissipation. All such products are packed in BMC hard cases that attract more clients and make transportation and shipping easier.
Ronix packages are the best in class because they come with some of the accessories each customer would long for while working with an electric rotary hammer.
These accessories include a Grease Bottle, Rubber Protect Cap, SDS Drill and chisel Bits, Depth Gauge, and 360-degree Anti-Shock Auxiliary Handle.
Ronix products work with powerful brushless and waterproof motors and are equipped with SDS plus chucks. They also have an automatic bit-locking mechanism and protection against overload, over-temperature, and short circuits.

Demolition Hammers: Break it All Down!

With powerful motors that bring tremendous impact force and extraordinary demolition speed, Ronix demolition hammers are the best in class. We manufacture and supply a wide variety of such powerful tools with a high impact rate ranging from 950 to 3900 BPM.

These tools have a high-quality special grease lubricating system to ensure durability and convenience. They are made of die-cast magnesium alloy housings that result in lightweight and increased body strength. Their extensive soft grip reduces hand fatigue, and their double anti-vibration system minimizes the reflection of the impact energy.
When it comes to the tool holders, these corded beasts are equipped with either SDS max or hex chucks with high power that can impressively enhance performance.
Another factor that makes these tools the best option on the market is the accessories they are offered including Wrenches, Hex Keys, Screwdrivers, Flat/Pointed Chisels, Auxiliary Ronix-designed handles, Grease Bottles, Spanners
Rotary & Demolition Hammers

A Choice with No Regrets

Ronix has shaken up the tool industry by combining quality, variety, and affordability. Quality is never an accident; our R&D team in Germany is committed to checking the quality of all the products carefully and ensuring they function properly. All such strict control has made it less likely to find fault in our tools. So, rotary and demolition hammer importers and distributors who put quality first are among our loyal customers, a group we encourage you to join!

As one of the top rotary and demolition hammer suppliers and manufacturers, the variety of Ronix rotary collections is eye-catching. Find Rotary and Demolition Hammers for sale in different sizes working with different powers. With or without a cord, heavy or lightweight, order from Ronix to provide your clients with a complete set of products to pick what they need from.


Here at Ronix, Importers and distributors can find high-quality rotary and demolition hammers at reasonable prices and an incredible variety, but it’s not just this. Ronix has its own studio and a team of expert content creators who can help you brand your shop or truck professionally or will create customized advertising materials for your showrooms, in the language of your choice, for FREE.

In addition to all this, Ronix won’t keep you waiting long! Your order will be ready to load and ship IN JUST 15 DAYS! So, what are you waiting for?
Shake Up the Market with Ronix!

Rotary & Demolition Hammers

Rotary & Demolition Hammers

Rotary & Demolition Hammers

Rotary & Demolition Hammers

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