Fiberglass Spirit Level, 600mm, Aluminum

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Spirit levels, also known as bubble levels, are tools used to determine whether a surface or object is level or plumb. They consist of a long, straight, and usually rectangular body with a transparent vial containing a liquid and an air bubble. The vial is carefully calibrated to indicate when the surface or object is perfectly level or plumb. The liquid inside the vial is typically a colored spirit, such as ethanol or mineral spirits, hence the name "spirit level." The air bubble within the vial moves based on the tilt of the level. When the bubble is centered between two marked lines or within a designated area, it indicates that the surface is level or plumb. Spirit levels come in various sizes, from small pocket-sized versions to larger levels used in construction and carpentry. They may have one or multiple vials, allowing for different orientations, such as horizontal, vertical, and sometimes even diagonal or angular measurements. The Ronix RH-9413 professional spirit level has 3 measurements: 90°, 180°, and 45°, which covers almost all your needs. This tool offers an accuracy of 0.5 mm/m in the normal position and is also equipped with hanging holes on both ends, making it convenient to store and saving space. The level is very sturdy and shock resistant due to its aluminum housing.
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This powerful Ronix tool can help you check the stability and angle of a variety of parts, including band saw tables, chop saws, disc sanders, drills, woodworking fences, miter saws, saw blades, routers, grinding planes, and sliding T-bevels.

Ronix RH-9413, 60cm Spirit Level:

To choose a spirit level that is both practical and professional, you should pay attention to several points. Level accuracy, body material, durability, quality of caps, etc. are the most important factors that influence the quality of work. The Ronix RH-9413 spirit level has all these features and is designed and manufactured to meet your needs. If you want to learn more about this Ronix product, keep scrolling.


The lightweight aluminum body of this tool makes it easy for the user to control and increases its life. The length of this tool is 600 mm and the thickness of its plastic profile is 1.6 mm. This profile protects the alignment from shocks. Hooks on both sides of the body facilitate maintenance. Horizontal, vertical, and 45-degree vials on this high-quality product make it easy to work with. In addition, the milled section on both sides of the Ronix RH-9413 spirit level provides maximum accuracy.


Ronix RH-9413 offers 3 measuring scales including 45, 90, and 180 degrees to accommodate your needs. The highest accuracy of this product is 0.5 mm in a normal position. This level of accuracy makes it ideal for a wide range of applications like home decoration, DIY, items repairing, woodworking, landscaping, hanging painting, TV, and more. Overall, the Ronix RH-9413 is one of the most powerful spirit levels on the market. It is specially designed for professional use but it can also be suitable for novices because it is easy to use. It is reliable, efficient, and very practical.


You will receive Ronix RH-9413 spirit level in a special package designed by Ronix.

-3 Measurements including 90°, 180° and 45° covers almost all of your needs 
-Hanging holes on both end makes it convenient to storage and space saving
-Provides 0.5mm/m accuracy in the normal position
-Aluminum frame enables lightweight, high stability and secure hold while working 
-High visibility vials, horizontal, vertical and 45˚s for easy and fast operation
-Double-side milling for more precise operation
-Plastic end caps protect the profile against impact
-Ideal for home decoration, DIY, items repairing, wood working, landscaping, hanging painting, TV's and more


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