Air Compressor, 8 Bar, 25L, 1.8HP

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Ronix RC-2512 Quiet (silent) Air Compressor is a high-efficient air tool that comes to your help in various operations. But, how does a silent air compressor work? Due to the cutting-edge technology of its pump, RC-2512 is known as quiet (silent) air compressor.

It is powered with an oil-free 1380W robust motor that provides users with optimal performance. This induction motor works for more efficiency and continuous application. Therefore, it can be used for different job sites and workshops, suitable for fastening, nailing, bolting, painting, and many others. Ronix RC-2512 quiet air compressor is an ideal power source for pneumatic tools in various industries. 

It works seamlessly to deliver highly pressurized, high-energy compressed air for different applications. You experience less vibration when working with this silent compressor.

If you need to know more about RC-2512, check out the detailed description of this high-performance product.
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Detailed Description

Efficiency, durability, and power are the three inseparable features of the Ronix RC-2512 Quiet (or Silent) Air Compressor with its hyper silent motor and new pump design. The oil-free pump mechanism in the RC-2512 increases the efficiency in various applications. 

More features of the Ronix RC-2512 Silent Air Compressor

Continue reading to learn more about this powerful air compressor’s mechanism, housing, and components. You’ll see why so many professionals prefer the Ronix RC-2512.

Motor and Mechanism:

A robust induction 1380W oil-free motor powers the Ronix RC-2512 Quiet Air Compressor and delivers a 2800RPM speed by connecting to a 220-240V and 50-60Hz power outlet. The oil-free motor doesn’t need to be lubricated, causing high durability and creating less noise and wear. You can adjust the output pressure to a maximum of 0.8MPa pressure that stores sufficient air in the tank for continuous tool operation. The tool has one flow regulator and one quick coupler to maximize air tool performance. The air delivery of the motor is 100 liters per minute.


An ultra-quiet air compressor with a cutting-edge technology design in its pump. The Ronix RC-2512 is made of high-quality polymer materials with high-temperature tolerance. Its lightweight and compact design make it a highly portable and remarkably easy-to-use compressor with 23kg weight. The compressor has a handle and two wheels for easy carriage and portability. There is no vibration during operation, and it has durable rubber bases, making it applicable on rough and inclined surfaces.


A large, high-capacity 25Lit air tank can work with a 0.8MPa maximum working pressure. The tank is made of high-quality materials to guarantee the compressor’s performance and ensure durability. An outlet air of 100 liters per minute is delivered. The restart pressure of the tank is 0.5MPa. Two metal pressure gauges are installed on the tank to show the pressure inside. The tank can be filled with two cylinders in the shortest possible time.

Solenoid valve:

In the inlet section of the tank, there is a solenoid valve that allows air discharge from the cylinder head and facilitates restarting, leading to a more incredible performance.

Drain Valve:

A drain valve is installed under the tank; It empties all the contents inside the tank so as not to disrupt the efficiency of the tank.

FBANG Pressure Switch:

Designed with high precision and quality, it gives the ability to control the motor off and on and helps for more efficiency and the long life of the tool.

Regulator with Filter:

A dehumidifier is placed in the system’s lower part of the regulator valve for dry air output. It increases the compressor’s life and the consumer tools connected to it.

Thermal Protector system:

Sometimes, using the air compressor for long hours increases the tool’s temperature. A thermal protector system in the compressor controls the motor’s temperature during longtime working. If the tool’s temperature goes high, the thermal protector system turns it off automatically.

Air filter:

Two air filters that prevent damage to the motor by filtering the incoming air, and as a result, the lifespan of the Ronix RC-2512 quiet air compressor increases.

Safety Valve:

The air pressure in the tool is being controlled continuously. So, the tool is equipped with a safety valve that controls and limits the pressure build-up in a system. When the tool’s pressure exceeds its limit, the safety valve will automatically release the excess air. The safety valve opening pressure is 0.88MPa. 

Accessories and Packaging:

The Ronix RC-2512 quiet compressor’s color box includes two air filters, 2 wheels, a rubber bases, and a pushrod.

-25 liter tank combined with a 1380W motor provides plenty of power to cover a wide variety of applications
-8 bar maximum pressure stores sufficient air in the tank for continuous tool operation
-The light weight and compact design plus Handle make it highly portable and remarkably easy to use
-Induction motor for continuous application
-FBANG switch for more efficiency and long life
-Able to fill the air tank with 2 cylinders at the minimum time
-Equipped with a safety valve  
-Oil free pump mechanism for more efficiency  
-Hyper silent motor and new pump design
-Drain valve under the tank 
-Solenoid valve for greater performance
-Less vibration during worktime
-Equipped with metal gauge
-Thermal protector system controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working
-Soft rubber base to be applicable in rough and inclined surface
-Regulator with Filter (Oil & Water) for dry air output
-Equipped with 1 flow regulator and 1 quick couplers to maximize air tool performance


Safety Valve Opening
restart pressure
use pressure range
Supplied in
Ronix Color box
Tank Capacity
2800 RPM
Air Delivery
Max Pressure
0.8 MPa
2Air Filter, Two Wheels, 1 Rubber base،1 pushrud


Håkon Hrafnkelsson

(10) (10)

Plenty of pressure to drive the tools. There is no sound and the connection is tight and the price was what I thought I could pay for only a small compressor.

(10) (10)

Jakob Einarsson

(10) (10)

Jakob Einarsson 1.29.2021 It is the best compressor I have ever owned. Nice price, nice quality and no sound. It is also easy to move. Highly recommended

(10) (10)

Venkat Bansal

(10) (10)

For this quality, the price was so reasonable. I like it.

(10) (10)

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