Bi-Metal Hole Saw Arbor, < 30mm, Hex Shank

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Choosing the right Arbor (aka. Mandrels) is important since they are the bridge between your drill chuck and your hole saw. Through a thread in the cap of the hole saw, you can easily connect them to your preferable hole saw with various diameters. The Ronix RH-5250 is ideal for hole saws with less than 30mm of diameter and the model RH-5251 is suitable for hole saws with more than 32mm, both with hex shanks.

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Detailed Description

Hole saw arbor (or also known as hole saw mandrel) are designed to connect drill chuck to hole saw. Directly from there, the arbor’s shaft extends to its collar and the hole saw will be attached onto the mandrel collar base screw. Same here, Ronix has produced the two sizes of these mandrels: RH-5250 and RH-5251. The RH-5250 will be suitable for small hole saws with less than 30mm of size. In the other hand, the RH-5251 is fit for larger hole saws with more than 32mm.

The center drill bit in these arbors are made from HHS materials. As you may know, HSS bits are more resistant to the heat generated from fast rotations in drilling operations. Therefore, they are all made from HSS materials along with being from alloy steel. This small but yet very essential parts are made from alloy steel which is ideal for heavy duty applications and will last and work smoothly every time. You can also be relieved from any possible corrosion or rusting throughout the years.

The RH-5250 and RH-5251 Hole Saw Arbors are featured with pins that will lock the saw in order to prevent over-tightening and also prevent the threads from stripping. These two models fit most hole saws of different brands, so you could save up and buy only the two types to work with other type of drill machines and hole saws.

For removing and attaching, no tool or adapter is required, and this will help prevent the hole saw from locking on the arbor.

The Ronix RH-5250 & RH-5251 Hole Saw Arbors are designed to last many years for all your cutting holes operations. With different features, these two arbors have a reasonable price, and delivers a high-quality performance by the time you attach them to your tool and start working with.

-Made of heavy-duty alloy-steel, in two models fits perfectly a variety hole saws less than 30mm and more than 32mm 
-The center drill bit is made of H.H.S material for stable and accurate positioning of the opening position. 
-Pins lock the saw to prevent over-tightening and prevent Threads from Stripping
-Hardened material for long thread life 
-Fast and easy to engage and disengage hole saw 
-Steel construction for added durability
-Works smoothly every time without worry of rusting or corrosion slowing or sticking the operation


Shank Type
Suitable for Hole Saw Size (mm)
Less than 30 mm

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