Electric solenoid Spray Gun 130W

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It isn’t easy to paint your house with a brush or a roller. In most cases, using a paint sprayer will be easier and faster than other tools. The first benefit is that you can work with electric spray guns faster. Choose a spray gun that directly draws from the paint reservoir.
Ronix 1313 Electric Spray Gun, with its 130W powerful motor, can help you with all your painting projects. With only a 1.7kg weight, it’s a light and handy tool that applies a smooth finish without brush marks.

This powerful tool works with a 220-240 and 50-60Hz power source, making it a suitable choice for painting and coloring surfaces. This electric spray gun can evenly spray a mixture of paint and pressurized air from its 0.8mm nozzle on the desired texture.

Other specifications of this power tool include a maximum output flow of 320ml/min and a maximum viscosity of 60din/sec. The Ronix 1313 features an 800ml plastic paint reservoir, easily installed in the lower part of the gun to store the desired color/water, and a viscosity measuring cup that allows you to adjust the viscosity of the used liquids.
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Detailed Description

An electric paint sprayer will be a great tool to paint faster. An electrical paint sprayer makes the job easier and faster for you. You will spend less time on your project but get the smoothest finish. To achieve this result, Ronix 1313 Electric Spray Gun with a 130W robust motor and 800ml reservoir will come to your help. Ronix shows you how you can successfully use an electric paint sprayer.

Ronix 1313: Fast and professional painting experience!

Ronix 1313 electric paint sprayer gives you a uniform painting cover at a reasonable price. Keep reading to learn more about this high-quality tool.


Motor and mechanism:

This easy-to-use solenoid electric paint sprayer that applies a smooth finish without brush marks is powered by a 130W motor. The power of this spray gun is provided through a 220-240V and 50-60Hz power outlet. Its plastic paint reservoir has an 800ml volume. 



This spray gun, which comes in a weight of 1.6kg, is considered a powerful and advanced electric spray gun. The ergonomic pistol gun helps with convenient handling and easy cleaning. These features make 1313 applicable for both outdoor and indoor jobs.


Flow Control Knob:

Placing a flow control knob on the tool allows you to quickly increase or decrease the material output to customize the paint flow to your project/coating needs.



This electric spray gun, with a unique design of the nozzle in the output section, provides a maximum flow of 320ml/sec. 


Accessories and Packaging:

The 1313 electric spray gun is supplied in a Ronix color box, including accessories such as 1pc of viscosity measuring cup, 1 pc of cleaning pin, 1 pc of spanner, 2 pcs of valves, and 1 pc of 0.8mm nozzle.


-Easy-to-use solenoid electric paint sprayer that applies a smooth finish without brush marks
-Soft grip and ergonomic style for better handling
-Flow control knob allows you to quickly increase or decrease the material output in order to customize your paint flow to your project/coating needs
-Applicable for both outdoor and indoor jobs



1.6 kg
Paint Reservior
800 ml
Max. Flow
320 ml/min
Max. Viscosity
60 din/sec
Painting System
Supplied in
Ronix Color box
1pc Viscosity measuring cup, 1pc Cleaning pin, 1pc Spanner, 1pc 0.8mm nozzle


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