Electric Blower, 260W, 2.5 inch

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At the industrial level, providing a huge amount of airflow at high and consistent pressure is not enough to perfect cooling, heating, or ventilating tasks, that’s why Ronix 1222 is also designed to be lightweight, ergonomic, and durable at the same time. 

This industrial blower has a powerful 260W motor that is anti-vibration and makes little noise during operation. Energy-efficient and highly performant, it also comes
with a 100% copper coil which ensures its outstanding performance. 

1222 has a high-quality and durable aluminum body and a full metal impeller to help it stand the test of time. It provides you with adjustable airflow and can be installed on a table to put you in full control of the operation. 

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Detailed Description

With an anti-vibration motor that makes little noise, an adjustable range of airflow, high and consistent pressure, and a lightweight and durable body, Ronix 1222 is the industrial blower your tool arsenal lacks! 

Ronix 1222 Electric Blower: Expect the Best!

1222 has all the essential features to deliver the best performance whenever an industrial blower is needed. 

Let’s shed more light on this mysteriously powerful and handy tool:  

Motor and Mechanism

Plugged in a 220 or 240V outlet of 50-60Hz frequency, Ronix 1222 electric blower’s 260W motor can provide a huge amount of airflow at a pressure of 230 Pa that may be used in construction sites, mines, and different factories. The good news is that this motor is anti-vibration and frees you from all the annoying noises while working.
With a maximum no-load speed of 3000RPM and no pressure drop during long hours of operation, this blower can take care of any ventilation, heating, or cooling task in no time! It comes with a ventilator on the body that enables you to regulate the airflow based on the task at hand.
Thanks to a highly pure copper coil, 1222 delivers an outstanding performance and owing to a full metal impeller, it will last a long time in your tool arsenal.    


Ronix 1222 is a lightweight 2.9 kg blower with an ergonomic and durable aluminum body. 
2.5 inches in size, this industrial blower comes with a wide base which enables you to install it on a table for easier operation. 


1222 comes in a Ronix color box that has its own exclusive design. 


-100% Copper coil
-Full metal impeller to ensure long life
-Ability to adjust air flow with the ventilator installation on the body
-High quality and durable Aluminum body 
-Provide high air flow with high pressure during work time without pressure drop
-Equipped with wide base and ability to install on the table for better deployment
-Low noise and anti-vibration motor


No load speed
3000 RPM
Suplied In
Ronix color box
2.5 inch


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