Chalk Line Reel Set, ABS, 30m

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The Ronix RH-9901 chalk line reel features a high-impact ABS housing and a stainless-steel hook. This Ronix chalk line is simple to fill and secure from the top. The large twist-lock lid for quick chalk filling allows access to the internal parts of the reel more easily than with other equipment. An open-access back panel makes line replacement and cleaning quick and easy. This Ronix kit includes a spool of chalk, a bottle of 113gr Ronix blue chalk, and a piece of plastic line level, completing a professional toolset for any purpose.

Detailed Description

This chalk line is ideal for drawing straight lines on a plot of land (lawn, concrete, etc.). The cotton cord of Ronix RH-9901 can be used as a plumb line and it is very easy to unroll.

Ronix RH-9901, 30M Chalk Line Reel Set:

Ronix RH-9901 is a set that includes 30 meters of line, 113-gram chalk, and a small level. The body of this line is made of impact-resistant ABS and has a stainless-steel hook that, with a flexible reel, can easily open and retrieve the 30-meter line and increase the speed and accuracy of the user's activity in sectors such as the tile industry, building painting, laying floors, etc. Learn more about this set below.


The Ronix RH-9901 chalk line reel is a tool used in construction and carpentry to create straight lines on surfaces. The reel consists of a case or container that holds a length of string coated with chalk powder. The string is unwound from the case and stretched across the surface where the line is needed. When the string is pulled taut and released, it snaps against the surface, leaving a straight line of chalk powder.


The body of a chalk line reel is an important part of the tool, as it contains the chalk line and powder, as well as the mechanism for winding and rewinding the chalk line. The materials used in the body, as well as the size and shape, can affect the durability, weight, and comfort of the chalk line. The Ronix RH-9901 is constructed of PP plastic to resist impact. With a 40g capacity and rectangular shape, it is a perfect tool for creating straight lines on surfaces. Its 1:1 gear ratio allows for a smooth and quick retraction of the line. In addition, the tool is equipped with a folding crank handle so it can be stored neatly in case.


The string used in Ronix RH-9901 is made of cotton and with a diameter of 1 mm is very strong. The line is coated with blue chalk powder to create a visible line. The length of the string is 30m so you can create longer lines without the need to move the chalk line real.

Chalk container:

The capacity of the Ronix RH-9901 chalk container is 113 gr. Besides, it has a wide cap opening for quick and easy chalk fill.


This hand tool has a steel hook with nickel plating at one end to attach the line to a surface.


For easy transportation while shipping this hand tool and more safety, the Ronix RH-9901 chalk reel line set is delivered in a double blister card.


-Chalk Reel Kit include 30m line ,113 gr chalk and small level
-1:1 gear ratio allows for a smooth and quick retraction of line
-Wide door for quick and easy chalk fill
-Reel case is constructed of PP plastic for impact resistance
-Folding crank handle stores neatly into case
-Steel hook with nickel plating  for rust resistance



Line length
Line diameter
1 mm
Hook Material
Line material
Chalk Fill type
"Gear Ratio "
Case Material
Handle Material
Chalk color
Chalk Bottle Weight
113 gr
Reel Capacity
40 gr
Supplied in
double blister

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