Circlip Plier, 7 Inch, Bent Internal Circlip

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Keep Ronix Circlip Plier in your hand and start working. There is nothing to worry about. Ronix RH-1717 Circlip Plier is made from hardened chrome vanadium steel to be applicable for a wide range of applications. These durable C-Clip Pliers come in four types: Straight Internal Circlips, Bent Internal Circlips, Straight External Circlips, and Bent External Circlips. Ronix RH-1717 is 7.0 mm in dimension and this Ronix-branded circlip has a Bent Internal Circlip. Ronix RH-1717 Circlip Plier is easy to use, even for one-hand operations, thanks to its professional handle and snap ring design.

Detailed Description

-Constructed from hardened Chrome Vanadium steel which results in strength, durability, and longevity
-Teflon coated of heads to resist rust and corrosion and improve efficiency
-Comes in different types including straight and 90° and also in different sizes to satisfy all your needs
-Power transmission with optimum leverage for easy and effortless work
-Anti-skid PVC handles fits comfortably in your hands to ensures less user fatigue and more productivity
-Spring loaded, easy to work, even for one-hand operation
-Internal & External snap ring pliers with fine tips can easily reach into tight spaces, grip small parts and bend wire
-Heavy-duty tools to remove and install internal and external snap rings, circlip, and retaining rings on your lawn mower, tractor, shredder, farm equipment, truck, car


Bent Internal Circlip


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