Bench Grinder, 520W, 8*200*20mm

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These amazing tools come in many shapes and functionalities and they all have their own specifications and qualifications. Ronix has designed one of the most popular and high-quality bench grinders in the market. A 520W powerful motor rotates the discs with full power of 2950 RPM to provide easy and sweat-free operations. Ronix 3504 is a must have tool for anyone who deals with sanding, polishing, carving and these kind of operations at their workshop.

Detailed Description

Ronix 3504 Bench Grinder, 520W, 8*200*20mm is made up of strong grind wheels that may be utilized for a variety of applications. This powerful machine can be bolted or installed on a bench or work table where the workpiece is held against the grinding wheel to allow for a varying degree of sharpening or shaping.

Ronix 3504 Bench Grinder, 520W, 8*200*20mm has a 520W powerful induction motor. This high-efficient motor provides high power for all kind of sanding, polishing, finishing, buffing, carving and etc. in many different industries and jobs such as woodworking and carpentry workshops, metal fabrication shops, furniture manufacturing. 2950RPM high-speed rotation is the result of this fully functional motor which is proved to be perfectly suitable for industrial grinding applications. Safety first. Ronix has designed the safest power tools in the market so far. Ronix 3504 Bench Grinder is equipped with adjustable safety eye shield and spark resistors to avoid any eye and hand injury when using the slow-speed grinding mode. Eye shield is a safety element that is positioned directly above the grinding wheel to ensure that scraps do not come into contact with your face or eyes is this shield. When operating with your bench grinder, though, operator must still wear eye protection.

This tool is needed to be fixed and firmed to the worktable in your workshop in order to ensure safe and effective grinding operation. There is an adjustable bracket underneath this amazing tool which will be screwed to the table to stay firm and motionless.

Because of the rotating movement of a grinding wheel, pieces will fly off, anyone working with Ronix 3504 Bench Grinder, 520W, 8*200*20mm must protect themselves – particularly their eyes – properly. The adjustable safety eye shield and spark resistors provided by Ronix allow you to feel safe while using this bench grinder. All precision operations need accuracy and that is why there are some work light on this model of bench grinder to give you more precise and comfortable operation.

There are two 200mm diameter grit wheels on Ronix 3504 Bench Grinder, 520W, 8*200*20mm which makes any grinding operation possible. These grit wheels have two different levels of roughness (36 and 60) to complete all kinds of sharpening and grinding operations. 

There are many bench grinders in the market but Ronix wants the best for its users when it comes to high-quality raw material and the reasonable pricing.

Ronix 3504 Bench Grinder, 520W, 8*200*20mm is a handy, well-designed power tool for whoever deals with sharpening, carving, polishing, buffing, removing rust, removing materials, and many other operations. The compact design 3504 perfectly suitable for workshops, carpenters, turners and carvers.

-High-speed heavy-duty motor provides superior power for a wide range of industrial applications
-Motor runs at 2950 RPM for high-speed material removal
-The adjustable safety eye shield and spark resistors allow you to feel safe while using the slow speed grinder
-Built to work in demanding, high volume environments, durable enough to tackle the tough grinding applications
-Adjustable metal bracket give solid tool support for more convenient operation
-Equipped with a work light for more precise and comfortable operation 
-Incorporates 36 and 60 Grit Wheels for sharpening and grinding
-Ideal for workshops, carpenters, turners, carvers, etc.


No Load RPM
2950 RPM
Wheel Diameter
19 Kg
Safety eye shield, Working Light, Bracket



flor parisi

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Powerful, with a beautiful, clean design, shields, and support.

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(10) (10)

Great power-to-rate ratio on this model. I use it frequently in my shop and it never bogs down when some power is necessary; I'm really pleased with it.

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mohamed bikkha

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Powerful, with a beautiful, clean design, shields, and support.

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