Bench Grinder, 150W, 2950 RPM

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Sharpening and shaping various workpieces in your workshop may be one of the frequent tasks you do every now and then. It is absolutely essential to have a perfect tool for doing so. For this reason, Ronix has produced the 3509N Bench Grinder for a varying degree of shaping, sanding, polishing, and sharpening. For this product, Ronix has considered speed variability, safety, cooling mechanisms, and all you expect from a bench grinder for your home or workshop. For more information, read the “Detailed Description” section.

Detailed Description

Sharpening and shaping various workpieces in your workplace may be a common activity you perform on a regular basis. It is critical to have the best tool possible to do so. As a result, Ronix created the Ronix 3509N Bench Grinder, 150W, 2950 RPM, which can be used for a variety of shaping, sanding, polishing, and sharpening tasks. Ronix has addressed speed variations, safety, cooling systems, and everything else you'd expect from a bench grinder for your home or workshop while designing this device.

The Ronix 3509N Bench Grinder, 150W, 2950 RPM is equipped with a powerful motor that handles a great scope of work a grinder can handle. The motor’s horsepower enables 2950 rpm of no-load speed, perfect for all grinding operations, deburring, rust removal, shaping parts, and cleaning objects. As you may know, the higher the RPM, the faster you can get the job done. When you are working on hard materials such as steel, the RPM plays a huge role.

The wheels of a bench grinder are the main part that is involved with the real work. Therefore, Ronix has used the best quality materials to manufactures fine and coarse grinding wheels that can meet the highest demands. With the dimensions of 125x16x12.7, this power tool is concluded in 5-inch bench grinders and has gotten lighter and became more cost-effective for grinding tasks. The spark guards make a great performance by protecting users from flying sparks and also emery from external objects.

This power tool also features fully adjustable tool rests with solid locking mechanisms to give optimum support. Additionally, it is equipped with dust-proof switches, which increase the lifespan of your machine and make the motor work longer thanks to no penetration of dust. The anodized aluminum tool rest, which mounts on a board behind your grinder, is at the heart of the system. A big platform with a slot for the grinding jig is included on the rest. The tool rest and jig are shown in action in the main photo. The two spring-loaded handles make position modifications simple, allowing you to shift the platform to almost any grinding angle.

The four Rubber feet also dampen vibration whilst ensuring the grinder does not move during use, by only weighing 4.5 kilograms. Furthermore, the wide body of the machine increases stability and minimizes the load on the bearings for an increased lifetime.

The build quality and reliability of Ronix 3509N Bench Grinder, 150W, 2950 RPM is much higher than some of the more common and cheaper grinders. The 3509N wheels are designed to give many years of service, and replacement stones are available for when the original ones become worn out, a sure sign of the robustness of these machines. It is definitely one of the best options for professional use.

-Versatile and powerful grinding machine with fine and coarse grinding wheel for repairs and shape corrections as well as precise sharpening work.
-Robust metal compact construction with ball bearing shaft and 4 rubber feet for low-vibration running, best grinding results and a long service life.
-Easily adjustable, sturdy work rests to suit any task
-Large transparent spark protection lenses and encapsulated sanding discs for maximum safety.
-ideal for all grinding, sharpening and polishing work.
-Dust proof switch for extra long-life span
-Heavy duty construction for demanding environments


No-Load Speed
2950 RPM
Wheel Size




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Good quality; excellent for sharpening lathe tools

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slimanis limani

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Extremely useful for sharpening lathe tools.

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Alaran gerover

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· It's quiet and smooth to use. As a beginning wood turner learning how to sharpen my tools, this was just what I needed.

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Easy to use and useful in the workshop.

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