Pneumatic Twin Hammer Impact Wrench 7500 RPM

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If you are searching for a simple and efficient pneumatic tool that can fulfill even the most stringent requirements, the Ronix Pneumatic Twin Hammer Impact Wrench 7500 RPM is just what you need. It doesn't matter if you're in the garage or the factory; the Ronix 2402 can come in useful wherever. This Pneumatic Impact Wrench offers superior performance, comfort, durability, and safety. 
Ronix 2402 Pneumatic Twin Hammer Impact Wrench is a fantastic tool with a Super quality hard hitting Twin Hammer 3/4" impact wrench producing a high torque of 740Nm to ensure optimum efficiency. The Ronix 2402 motor is an energy-efficient motor with a long-life span and optimum performance. This tool's dual hammer mechanism offers additional force and more balanced strikes. The Ronix 2401 Pneumatic Twin Hammer Impact Wrench features an ergonomic small design that allows for simple operation in confined spaces, as well as a significantly lower weight thanks to the composite housing, which also provides in higher resistance and longevity. The feather trigger ensures accurate speed control. The soft grip, which allows for comfortable gripping even during extended operations, and the handle exhaust, which directs air away from the work piece and the user are two more outstanding characteristics of this Ronix manufactured Pneumatic Twin Hammer Impact Wrench. The Ronix 2402 is an excellent tool for heavy vehicle repair, including large engine teardowns and tire changes. Scroll down and read the entire description for more information on this fantastic tool!

Detailed Description

-High-efficiency hard hitting Twin Hammer 3/4" impact wrench delivers 740Nm torque which ensures high performance
-Energy efficient motor for maximum performance & long life
-TWIN-HAMMER mechanism provides more power and smooth balanced blows
-Ergonomic compact size enables easy operation at tight places
-Reliable housing design offers proven power, performance, and durability
-Feather trigger for precise speed control
-Soft grip provides comfortable holding even in longtime operation
-Handle exhaust directs air away from work piece and operator


Driver Size
3/4 inch
Std Bolt Size
1 inch / 25 mm
Impact Mechanism
Twin Hammer
Working Pressure
Handel Type
Pistol Grip
Max Torque
740 Nm
2.89 kg


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