Corded Rotary Hammer, 900W, SDS-Plus

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Ronix 2710 Rotary Hammer is strong power tool with a quick 900W motor delivering 3 key functions of Hammering, Hammer drilling and Drilling.  The die-cast magnesium housing does not only result in the tool’s light weight which brings comfort to the jobsite but also provides a superior heat dissipation and enhances the body strength.  Ronix 2710 Rotary Hammer and its compact streamline design helps the user with the comfort in use during long operations and improves their safety with the overload safety clutch system which is crucially important to protect the armature.  To get more information about 2710 check out the detailed description.

Detailed Description

It would be extremely simple to demolish the building. Considering the Ronix 2710 Rotary Hammer's strong 240V motor with 900W power! The maximum no-load speed of this powerful motor is 0-980 RPM, and the maximum impact rate is 3850 BPM. It can also produce 4J impact energy, resulting in increased efficiency. The frequency of this tool is 50-60Hz and in addition to that, an overload clutch system is also a great protector for the armature. It also ensures your safety.

Bit Holder:

A 28mm SDS-Plus bit holder is included with the Ronix 2710 Rotary Hammer to ensure a pleasant and comfortable demolition experience. In addition, the SDS Plus tool has resulted in a maximum capacity of 40mm in wood and 28mm in concrete. The operator may also work with steel with a maximum capacity of 10mm.


Only by holding Ronix 2710 in your hands will you be able to see how it differs from similar items. The BMC Case comes with a 4Kg power tool. This tool's lightweight and great heat dissipation are due to its die-cast magnesium casing. It also helps to strengthen the body so that you can provide the finest service possible. The BMC case has a 360° anti-shock auxiliary Ronix-design handle to assist you in managing chores as comfortably as possible. The Special grease lubrication system ensures greater efficiency and durability. Side handle, SDS plus drill bit 8*150 are also included with the BMC case, SDS plus drill bits 10*150, 12*150, 14*250 SDS plus point chisel bit, and 14*250 SDS plus flat chisel bit, a grease tube, one pair of carbon brushes, an extra Ronix-design handle, and a depth gage are included in the BMC case. In a compact box, you'll find everything you need for your demolition projects!

-High efficiency 900W motor with 3 operation modes: Hammering and Hammer drilling, Drilling
-Die-cast magnesium housing enables light weight, superior heat dissipation and enhances body strength
-Special grease lubrication system ensures higher efficiency and more durability
-360° auxiliary Ronix-design handle provides a wide range of movement along with operator's comfort
-Compact streamline design for comfort use in long operations
-Overload safety clutch system can protect armature and ensures safety


Chuck Type
SDS Plus
Chuck Size
No load speed
980 RPM
Impact Energy
Max Impact Rate
3850 BPM
Max Capacity In Wood
Max Capacity In Steel
Max Capacity in Concrete
Supplied in
Side handle (1) SDS plus drill bit 8*150, (1) SDS plus drill bit 10*150, (1) SDS plus drill bit 12*150, (1) SDS plus point chisel bit 14*250, (1) SDS plus flat chisel bit 14*250,




Jayden Campbell

(10) (10)

It has a really reasonable price, I bought one hammering drill 2 years ago and it stopped working because of the cable, it made me so many problems and this protecting ball joint was a really great idea

(10) (10)

Aiden Pelletier

(10) (10)

There are more powerful Ronix models. This one has a reasonable price and acceptable power. I have a 2740 and it’s very good.

(10) (10)

Alexander Richard

(10) (10)

I haven’t tried all the functions yet but using it in the concrete was nice and easy.

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