Rotary Tool Kit, 130W, 10000-35000RPM

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Many individuals are likely to collect different types of tools in their workshops so that they don't have problems if they hit a roadblock. Many, however, keep their environment organized by intelligently choosing one kit for all sanding, cutting, grinding, carving, polishing, and cleaning solutions! The Ronix 3403 rotary tool kit and its various accessories can help you put an end to many unfinished tasks. This heavy-duty tool with its 130W motor can deliver 10000-35000 RPM and with its 2.3 and 3.2mm bit holders, you can use it with different types of accessories.
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Detailed Description

The Ronix 3403 Rotary Tool Kit is used for activities such as sanding, cutting, carving, polishing, cleaning, buffing, etc. on wood, iron, and steel surfaces. This small and very light Ronix product is equipped with a powerful 130-watt motor that rotates between 10000 and 35000 revolutions per minute.

Ronix 3403, 130W Rotary Tool Kit:

The Ronix 3403 Rotary Tool Kit is one of the most popular and powerful tools in the woodworking industry and other sectors such as goldsmithing, dentistry, carving, etc. The ability to perform very delicate and precise work, lightweight and small size, easy portability, and a range of attachments and accessories are the most important reasons why you should choose Ronix 3403 rotary tool kit for your workshop or home applications. Stay with us to learn more about this Ronix product.

Motor and ball bearings:

The motor in the 3403 rotary tool kit has a power rating of 130W. This motor can provide a no-load speed of 10000 RPM to 35000 RPM, which is enough to cover a wide range of applications, from polishing to grinding. Another handy feature of this tool is its dust-proof ball bearings. These are especially useful in dusty environments as they reduce dust penetration and ensure long motor life.


The 3403's 2.3- and 3.2-mm bit holders allow the user to attach a wide range of accessories to the unit for various applications such as cutting, grinding, or carving. For a do-it-yourselfer interested in a wide range of projects, from carving small wooden statues to polishing various parts, these collets sound interesting.


Thanks to the high power and high speed of Ronix 3403, impossible angles, tight spaces, and delicate jobs are very easy to accomplish. For example, you can cut pipes and screws inside cabinets, in the ceiling, behind the wall, under floorboards, and in many other hard-to-reach places. That's because the variable speed setting is included to take control of the speed of your Ronix 3403 tool kit to suit your needs. This variable speed is the result of an analog variable speed drive. In addition, a locking pin system for easy and fast accessory changing and high safety mechanism is designed.


The Ronix 3403 rotary tool kit has an ergonomic body that weighs only 0.66 kg. The ergonomic design of this tool provides a comfortable working experience for users.

Accessories and packaging:

The Ronix 3403 rotary tool kit includes several items which are all supplied in a hard BMC case. The items are ten grinding wheels with a shank (3.2mm), a sanding shank (3.2mm), two mandrels (3.2mm), two drills (2.3mm and 3.2mm), two diamond bits (3.2mm), a spanner, two collets (2.3mm and 3.2mm), eight cut off wheels, three sanding papers, four felt wheels, a whetstone, four sanding bands, and a bending shaft.


-High efficiency 130W motor delivers 10000-35000 RPM 
no-load of speed
-High performance, light weight efficient device, suitable for a wide variety of operations
-Anti-dust ball bearings reduce dust penetration and ensure motor durability
-Variable speed adjustment regulates the speed to adapt to the operator's needs
-Includes 1 flexible shaft and 40 different rotary tool accessories for sanding, cutting, grinding, carving, polishing and cleaning solutions
-Locking pin system for easy and fast accessory changing and high safety mechanism
-2.3/3.2mm bit holder for different kinds of accessories


Collet Size
2.3/ 3.2mm
No-Load Speed
10000-35000 RPM
Supplied In
10 grinding wheels with shank 3.2mm , 1 sanding shank 3.2mm, 2 mandrel 3.2mm , 2 drills 2.3mm 3.2mm , 2 Diamond bits 3.2mm , Spanner , 2 Collet 2.3mm 3.2mm , 8 Cut off wheels , 3 sanding papes , 4 felt wheels , 1 whet stone , 4 Sanding band , 1 Bending shaft



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The power is high and the rotation speed is magnificent.

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I'm an electrician, therefore it's perfect for screwing and drilling. It may also be used as a cutter and polisher.

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It is perfect for woodworking very practical.

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