Ronix Lithium-Ion Batteries

Convenience and Innovation Combined

From heavy-duty rotary hammers to compact tiny screwdrivers, all Ronix cordless tools benefit from lithium-ion batteries, each offers several advantages such as low self-discharge rate, battery charge indicator, reduced size and weight, long life span, fast charging system, optimized overcharge, short circuit and thermal protection

What Ronix Batteries Bring

With Ronix batteries, you will enjoy countless advantages and find many technical features that guarantee the safe and smooth use of cordless tools.

20v lithium-ion batteries

In addition to their great adoptability, the 20V Lithium-ion batteries incorporated in Ronix 89 series tools also feature:

Retains charge for an extended period when not in use.

Enhances efficiency and extends the service life of the battery.
Ensures safety against electrical accidents.
Reduces product weight for added user comfort.

Ronix Chargers: Safety and Speed Guaranteed

Ronix cordless tools are also equipped with chargers that provide you with:
Fast Charging System
Less Downtime
Internal Safety Features
LED Indicator

Explore Your Options

One Powers All

The Ronix 86 and 89 Series come with compatible batteries allowing you to use the battery from one cordless tool for any other tool within the same series. This also applies to the chargers, as each series has a dedicated charger that works with all the tools in that particular series.

89 series products

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