Corded Drills

What are “Corded Drills”?

These types of drills are the means that use electricity as a power up. Corded Drills are mostly used to make holes on different materials depending on the drill bits you use. The body of all the tools are made of rubber to keep the danger of any electric shock to its lowest. The shape, size and power of these corded drills depend on the job you have and you want the vehicle to do. Most of the need you have existed in our company. A lot of them are provided here, so there would be no need of looking for other places.

Different Corded Drills

The list below shows the different types of these corded drills and a very brief summary about them:

Electric Corded Drill: These drills use wired electricity, so it means that they don’t contain any batteries for wireless use. They appear to be more powerful than cordless kinds because they use wired electricity

Corded Impact Drill: These drills have the function of hammering as it has a high-resisting motor. The corded impact drills have switches which are anti-dust that reduces dust penetration and would improve life cycle of these power tools.

Corded Rotary Hammer: If you want to drill through wood, steel and concrete, and you want a device with no limitations, these tools may help you in various ways. The housing of these drills is made of aluminum, which is very lightweight and it raises the quality of the tool.

Demolition Drills: If you want to make big holes in concrete or if you want to demolish concrete, your best choice could be these drills, which are the most powerful types of drills.

How to Choose the Best Corded Drills

Choosing corded drills, you need has to fulfill the following list:

Chuck Size: Based on the job you have, chuck size differs. For making big holes, for sure you need to choose the bigger chuck sizes; but for precise jobs or the jobs that need focusing or care, you must choose smaller chuck size.

Motor Power: Motor power needs to be fixed before choosing your product. For tougher surfaces, you need to choose motor powers which are higher, because the force needed for making holes in tough surfaces has to be more powerful. But for smoother surfaces, there would be no need to choose high powered motors, as the weaker ones could simply satisfy you and they can make hole in those surfaces with no issues.

Motor Speed: The speed of the motor is necessary to be taken into consideration as well for you when you need to select the product for your job. There is a direct relation between motor speed and motor power. The higher motor power is, the faster the motor could rotate and circulate. On the other hand, the slower the speed, the power of the motor reduces equally.

Corded or Cordless drills: As drills need to force more, the corded style is more convenient and more often used by a lot of people. Electrical (or wired) version is more often used for more pressure and as the battery might die out, the wired version works better.

What Ronix suggests you?

As any other product, Ronix suggests a wide variety of products in Drills’ category. Ronix products that are suggested by the company are as the list below:

Electric corded drill

Electric corded drill with keyed chuck

Electric corded drill Vega series

Corded impact drill

Electric corded drill with keyless chuck

Impact drill with keyed chuck

Surprisingly, Ronix suggests some products that use only one battery for a long-lasting time. With just one battery as the power supply for some products, they could work as long as many other companies’ products. One of the main reasons why Ronix tried to use only one battery is the weight, which sometimes is a significant issue for some people.

All of the above-mentioned products exist in Ronix, with various options. The corded drills are one of the most wide-ranged products in our company that you can choose from. In any power ranging from 350W up to 1050W. Surprising variety of products suggests a tool for any kind of favor.

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