Electric Spray Guns

Electric Spray Guns

If you wish to paint some objects entirely or a part of the objects, you need to use electric spray guns. Electric spray guns are tools that are generated by air pressure to pour color on the surface. The material that electric spray guns could be used for is any type of surface, with any material. Metal, wood, stone, ceramics, porcelain, plastic, glass and textile. The only action you need to take is choosing the proper color kind for the surface you want to use it on. But choosing electric spray guns could be done by considering just some simple features, which we are going to mention in this article and discuss the different types of spray guns and some other issues related to the electric spray guns.

Different Types of Electric Spray Guns

There are different kinds of electric spray guns in industrial world of tools. But the most famous ones and the ones that are really beneficial are grouped into two categories that are as mentioned below:

  • Air-powered Spray Guns (Pneumatic Air Sprayer): The air-powered spray guns compress the air and then releases the air to pour the color droplets on the surfaces to do the coloring action. This is the most convenient way of coloring; if you have an air compressor at home, you only would need a hose to connect to the air compressor and an electric spray gun. The cost of this kind of electric spray guns are much lower than the other types, which gives the customers an open hand for choosing this type with no extra considerations.
  • HVLP Spray Guns: HVLP Sprayers pour droplets of color, but in a slower flow that makes it possible for the paint to stick to the surface and make a much smoother finish, rather than the other sprayers. They are more likely to be used on interior surfaces, like cabinets, trim and doors. This kind of spray gun wastes less color, that makes it a good option for the customers who seem to care about the wasting of the objects they use.

After considering about the type of electric spray gun, you have to think about the features of the products and what do they provide the consumers with. The main ones are as the following part.

How to Choose the Best Type of Electric Spray Gun?

The features that need to be thought about before buying the electric spray gun are as the following list:

  1. Power of the Electric Spray Gun and the Air Pressure Spray Gun Supplies: There are different pressures and various powers for the electric spray guns. If you want to use heavy paint, you need to choose greater pressure; if you need to have more pressure, the motor power has to increase, due to the increase in pressure. So, the first, and maybe the most important factor to care about, is this factor.
  2. Price Consideration: As there are different types of electric spray guns nowadays, one key factor for choosing the best electric spray gun might be the money you want to pay for the product you need. If you want to start a hobby-like work, there would be no need of choosing expensive types of electric spray guns. But if your job is more of a heavy-duty job and work, such as carpentry, you need to choose expensive ones, as they offer the customers a higher power and pressure.
  3. Type Consideration: as mentioned above in this article, choosing the type of electric spray gun you need is the other factor to consider about. If the job you have is a light-duty mission, so you could simply choose products that suggest cup sprayers. While on the other hand, HVLP types are mostly used for precise works and they need more care.
  4. Portability: if you need your electric spray gun to be carried to anywhere and convenience is important in your job, you need to care about this factor more than the other factors. Sometimes the products are backpacked or wheeled, which makes it easy for the customer to use his/her electric spray gun wherever needed.
  5. Hose: For some jobs, the hose needs to be cared about a lot. Hose quality could have an important role in choosing the best option for you. Even the length of the hose may need consideration as you may not have the ability of portability, so you need to choose a hose, which is lengthy and could move to anywhere with no need of changing the location of the air-pressure vehicle.

Why are Ronix Products Good to Choose When You Need an Electric Spray Gun?

As Ronix provides the customers with different types of electric spray guns, in a various power list, and in the two different types that were mentioned in this article, so you simply can refer to our company for any need you have. Ronix suggest the customers with the two kinds of HVLP and electric spray gun. The powers and the pressure of these products are different, as Ronix tries to satisfy all different types of favors. All of the features that exist in this article has been tried to follow by Ronix, to give an open hand to the customers to choose the tool they ought to buy, according to the job they have and based on the work they want their tool to do.

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