High Pressure Washers

If you’re trying to clean a place using water, the best choice for you could be using high pressure washers. The high-pressure washers are magical tools to be used on concrete or ceramics or any other material, if you want to clean and wash these materials easily and in a very fast way. These products are sometimes called power washers, as the exiting water pressure is than exits the hose and handle is extremely high that it might result in a very severe injuries for the person who’s using these tools. But there are general issues that you have to consider about before you choose and operate the pressure washer. Some of the options and settings will be discussed here.

Different Models and Types of High-Pressure Washers

The generator and motor of the high-pressure washers are under two groups:

  1. Induction Pressure Washer: This type is most similar to brushless types of other tools as they have no brushes in their motor. It means that the maintenance cost for this model is way cheaper than the universal type. Induction type of high-pressure washers last much longer than the other model. The RPM in this kind is lower as their need less electricity. They could only work with the AC power supply, which means that they could run with city’s electricity. The speed of this type of high-pressure washer could not be adjusted; it means you plug in the washer and they’ll start working. The sound level of such washers is much lower, but on the other hand they are a bit more expensive than the universal type. The have a higher weight rather than the universal ones.
  2. Universal Pressure Washer: Second kind of high-pressure washers is the universal model. This type works with both DC and AC. You can basically plug in the washer to the car’s lighter in order to start the motor. Their size is smaller than the induction type, so you can carry it anywhere you want and try to use the high-pressure washer. The cost of this kind is much less than the induction format and the most beneficial option of this model is the adjustable motor speed, which gives you the open hand to level up or level down whenever you want. But on the downside, the lifespan of such products is a bit lower than the other type and the sound level of the universal motor is more than the other model.

Depending on the need of the customer and user, choosing which kind to buy or get use of differs. The general issue between these two kinds were mentioned above. Now, let’s consider some features about how to buy a high-pressure washer.

Features to Put Spotlight on When Buying a High-Pressure Washer

Briefly, we talked about the features of the two kinds that exist in this category. But discussing the features separately and in details could be a good idea. There are a couple of things to focus on when you want to buy high-pressure washers:

  1. Size and Weight of the Washer: If you need to carry your washer around with yourself or if you want the washer to work wherever you need; you have to concentrate on the type of washer you want to choose. But, if you want to use the washer at home and you don’t need the washer to be with you all the time, simply you could choose the type that is heavier and more powerful.
  2. Noise: The noise that the washers make is another significant feature you need to focus on. When using the washer at home, you should choose the one that makes lower noise, as you don’t want to bother your neighbors.
  3. Speed of the Washer: Choosing the type that has a higher speed for jobs that are heavy needs to have the priority. But generally, this feature doesn’t need that amount of consideration, because the speed of the different washers is not that much eye catching.
  4. Cost: As any other shopping anyone desires to do, money consideration is important. You need to think about the price of the product you want to buy. Generally, these tools are a bot more expensive than the other tools, as they need more copper, steel and aluminum for the body and the motor it has.

Why to choose Ronix High Pressure Washers?

Ronix has a wide variety of products under this category. There are products that have induction motors and some others that have universal motors. Rather than just this issue, Ronix provides the new technology of induction compact pressure washers that are a smaller version of induction high-pressure washers. Not only for induction type of motor, but also for the universal format of motor, Ronix provides the users a compact version of pressure washers. They have the same options as the bigger version, but in a smaller size and in lower power. Ronix has a multifunctional cleaning equipment, which includes all the equipment a user needs for cleaning a workplace, a yard or any place the customer desires to wash or clean. It contains the brushes that are commonly used by the users for any purpose they have. The hose of these brushes is provided in this kit. It means that you don’t need to buy any other equipment when you buy this kit. As always, Ronix has done a good job in high-pressure washers, as it has done in any other categories that you could simply check. High-pressure washers that are made by Ronix provide the users all the best and with the best materials.

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