Universal Pressure Washer-110 Bar 1400W

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The Ronix RP-U111, with a 1400-watt high-powered universal motor and a maximum pressure of 110 bar, provides users with 5 liters of water per minute and gives them the ability to wash without worrying about the water flow being cut off or the pressure being reduced. Ronix RP-U111, with its ergonomic design and lightweight, allows for easy handling; moreover, this unit prevents slipping thanks to its side handle and ergonomic wheels. At the same time, this machine has both a water spray gun and two lances with adjustable and turbo plates, which are produced from high-quality raw materials and offer the user the possibility to adjust the spray angle in different cleaning tasks. Other features of this heavy-duty device include the thermal protection system and the automatic shut-off system, which protect the machine's motor and increase its life span.
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Detailed Description

One of the advantages of the Ronix RP-U111 high-pressure washer is that it saves water, time, and energy. This equipment removes pollution and dirt from various surfaces such as cars, large halls, parking lots, etc. at a very high speed and pressure.

Ronix RP-U111, 1400W Universal High-Pressure Washer:

Ronix RP-U111 universal high-pressure washer is a tool that can help you with all your cleaning requirements. In this section, discover the features of this practical tool.

Motor and mechanism:

One of the characteristics of a high-quality pressure washer is to have a regular water spray so that it can be used for different tasks, with the possibility of changing the spray mode. In this respect, a pressure washer must be equipped with a powerful motor that allows the user to perform all these tasks. Ronix RP-U111 has a powerful 1400 watts universal motor that, by producing a maximum pressure of 110 bar, provides users with 5 liters of water per minute and gives them the ability to not worry about interruptions and continue their activities when the water flow increases or its pressure decreases.


Since pressure washers are used in various locations such as the yard, workshop, garage, etc., they must be lightweight and appropriately designed to provide comfort and ease of cleaning for users and be easy to operate. Ronix RP-U111, with its ergonomic design and lightweight, allows easy handling. In addition, this unit has a durable handle and ergonomic wheels that prevent the device from slipping and provide comfort to users.

Thermal protection system:

With continuous use, the motor temperature of many electrical appliances increases. This leads to the depreciation of the internal parts of the device and reduces its life span. To solve this problem, many modern tools are equipped with a thermal protection system that shuts down the motor when its temperature exceeds the allowed limit. This system restarts the unit after creating a short time interval to rest and cool the motor. Equipped with a thermal protection system, the Ronix RP-U111 high-pressure washer guarantees the user that if the motor temperature rises, it will stop the operation of the machine and will not allow the internal parts to be lost and shorten their useful life.

Auto-stop system:

The automatic shut-off switch is a system that automatically shuts off the motor when the trigger is released. This process ensures the longevity of the motor and also saves energy. The auto shut-off switch is a popular system among users, which has prompted many large tool companies to create this feature for their pressure washers. Ronix is one of the companies that produces its high-pressure washers, including the RP-U111, with an auto shut-off system.


Another important feature of pressure washers is that they are equipped with an advanced water spray gun and an adjustable lance so that the user can use the device to perform different activities. The Ronix RP-U111 high-pressure washer is equipped with a water spray gun and two lances with adjustable and turbo plates, which are made from high-quality raw materials and allow the user to adjust the angle of spraying water to meet their various needs.


Its 5 m high-quality PVC pressure hose brings more convenience and absolute efficiency. To install the hose easily and quickly, an automatic hose connector is specially designed for Ronix RP-U111 to insert and remove the hose more quickly.

External detergent tank:

The other Ronix-designed item is the external detergent tank for extra cleaning power and reduced cleaning time.

Accessories and packaging:

Ronix RP-U111 universal high-pressure washer is supplied in a Ronix Color box and includes a quick connector, a water inlet nut, adjustable and turbo lances, a 5-meter high-pressure PVC hose, a detergent tank, and a high-pressure gun.

-Powerful 1400W universal motor generates high water pressure for maximum cleaning power
-Total stop system automatically shuts off pump when trigger is not engaged and with the help of self-suction function ensures motor's longlife and also save energy
-Built-in thermal protector controls the tempreture of the motor during longtime working
-New design high-pressure gun for better functionality and more convinience
-Ergonomic light weight design provides easy movement and brings more comfort in different cleaning tasks
-With wheels and handles for easy movement
-Equipped with both adjustable and turbo lances which manufactured from high-quality raw material and let you easily control spray angle in different cleaning tasks
-External detergent tank for extra cleaning power and reducing cleaning time
-Automatic hose connector for easy and fast set up and quick inserting and removing of the hose
-Suitable for both household  usage 
-Rotary On/Off switch for convenient use
-5-meter high-quality PVC pressure hose for more durability and higher efficiency


Supplied in
Ronix Color box
Detergent Tank Type
Motor Type
Max Pressure
110 Bar
Max Rated Flow
Quick connector, Water inlet nut, Adjustable and turbo Lances, 5-meter High-pressure PVC hose, Detergent Tank, High-pressure Gun,

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