What Is a Blower?

Blowers are mostly used to clean up a landscape easily and simply. The Blowers are a very basic and fundamental tool used to clean up a yard off the leaves or a workpiece of the trashes. Blowers could clean off winter’s snow as well as cleaning off the leaves or any other trash. These were some fundamental functions of Blower. Now let’s take a closer look to the different types of Blowers that exist.

Different Blowers:

The Blower, as mentioned above, could simply be chosen by the customer. But the user has to be aware of the different kinds of blowers for the job that he/she appears to be working on. There are two general kinds of blowers in this category:

  • Industrial Blower: This type of Blower has a huge power to clean off bigger objects from a workplace. This kind is generally used for workplaces, where there might be leaves, wood chips or dust left anywhere in the workplace or on the workpiece. This type is more powerful than the other type as it is used for industrial purposes.
  • Vacuum Blower: Vacuum Blower is mostly used for an impact way of cleaning a place. Vacuum blower generally cleans the places with smaller objects, as the motor power of this kind is weaker than the other type.

Things to Consider When Buying a Blower:

To buy a blower, there are some points to care about. Features like the power supply of the blower, the noise making sound of the Blower, the job you need to do, is it small, medium or big? Here are some of the important factors to care about when you decide to buy a blower:

ü  Blower Noise Level: It has happened to you to wake up on an off day with the sound of the neighbor blower cleaning his yard. The sound that is made by the Blower is a crucial option, if you don’t want to bother anyone.

ü  Power supply of the Blower: As there are different types of power supplies in this category, choosing the most proper one could make the job easier for you. We generally have three different kinds of fuel for Blower:

Battery: As any other tool, this category is provided by companies in cordless, too. The advantage of this type mainly is that it is user-friendly; it means that the users may not know how to use the blower, but they could simply operate this tool with no problems. But on the other hand, the con of the products under the category of Blower is that its operation time is very limited; it means that until the time you have battery, you could clean the place with the batteries’ capacity only.

Corded or Cordless: The corded type is a better choice for the consumers, who have small yards or the place they want to clean is very limited. But cordless option would be great for the people who try to use their Blowers in any place at any time and they want to get rid of the cord problems. The cordless type could be the best choice for anyone, who want the product to be up-to-dated and want to pay lower maintenance prices and the sound of this product is much lower than corded version. So, these points make the cordless option better than the corded type.

Gas: the gas type of fuel for Blowers is the most powerful kind and it could run for a longer time rather than the cordless model. But on the negative side, it makes a lot of sound and the maintenance cost of this kind is a bit more than the other types. And the fuel price of gas type puts this model out of your choice list for product.

Why to Choose Ronix Blowers?

Ronix provides the customers products that could satisfy any favor, as the tools in our company vary in power and because of the convenience and the comfort of the users, most of our products are in cordless model to give the costumers open hand for using their tools wherever they wish and at any desired time. All of the Ronix products could change to vacuum cleaners for added versatility. The handles that are used in Ronix products are non-slip for convenient usage while operating the tool. The other advantage of Ronix product is the heat dissipation system which ensures the tools cooling and durability, which helps the user to use the tool more than the possible time for usage before the maintenance time. The strong body and design of the tools make it possible for the customer to apply the tool in workplace and construction sites. The next pro of the Blowers is the light weight, ABS thermoplastic polymer housing that activates the convenient usage of the tool. There exists a lock button to use the device for a continuous period of time, with no need of pressing the key of the blower, when you want to operate the device for a longer time.

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