Angle Grinders

The Definition of “Angle Grinders”:

Angle Grinders are really hard-working and they have various duties; cutting, shining and sharpening. These tools are used to cut through metal and wood, but they aren’t that strong to cut thick metals. Angle grinders are used to shine different things.  They try to polish any material, using a high-speed rotary wheel.

Different Types of “Angle Grinders”:

There are three kinds of Angle grinders: Mini angle grinders and angel grind and die grinders. The mini angle grinders and angle grinders are used to for more harsh situations, as they have a bit higher speed rather than the other types. These angle grinders are used with wire and connected to electricity for working. Mostly, they are provided to customers with no brushes (they are brushless).

The other type of Angle grinders, which are called die grinder, are used for precision work. The difference between die and angle grinder is that die grinders are used mostly for precise and careful works that need a lot of care, while angle grinders are used for more severe and strong works. Die grinders are used for different materials, from cast iron and steel to aluminum, plastic, even body filler and wood. There exist two different kinds of die grinders: long neck and brushless.

The long neck die grinders are better used for unreachable places. If there is a place that you cannot have a hand on, you can simply use this kind of tool. The other kind of die grinder as it was mentioned above is the brushless die grinder. These kinds of grinders, opposing the previous ones, are with no brushes, so it means that they do not need any replacement of brushes.

Things to Zoom in on While Buying Angle Grinders

ü  Disc Diameter: the disc diameter is the first and one of the most important factors to have an eye on. For different jobs, using different discs may be a crucial issue. As an example, if you want to cut in depth of something, you may need to use bigger discs. It means as the diameter of the disc meets a higher number, the depth it can reach is much higher than the smaller ones.

ü  Wattage: The power of the motor is next. If you need to cut through denser materials, the motor power you need has to differ from the other materials. For high dense, you need to choose wattages that are higher, rather than selecting the motor powers, which are low.

ü  Safety: As any other tool, which you need to choose, safety has to be considered. This feature is not a factor to skip or ignore. In Angle Grinders, first you have to notice the starting speed. The best choice for safety is the one that starts in a low speed and gradually increase speed until it meets a speed that is desirable for the user. The Angle Grinders have to have anti-kickback technology. It means that if in any situation disc is jammed the tool needs to shut down and stop working. The tool needs to turn off and wait for the user to solve the problem.

Ronix Products

Taken into consideration, Ronix has tried to follow all the options mentioned in the list above and started producing tools which fulfills the satisfaction of all the people trying to buy tools. the angle grinders that we have varies from mini angle grinders to the bigger ones and they vary in the final speed as well.

The angle grinders are better used when your job is a bit strong and you need a high-speed device. Generally speaking, these tools could satisfy any favor, with the wide range of products that are suggested by Ronix. The Angle Grinders Ronix supplies the customers with has a wide range that could meet any person’s needs.

Secondly, the brushless die grinder, which is high-efficient and ensures maximum functions. It is high resistance and has an anti-shock body which allows the customer and user to work with confidence without the need to worry about the problem of electrical shock or any kind of problem that might occur. The body is made out of ergonomic rubber grip. These kinds of devices are suggested by Ronix, and simply you can shop here.

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