Wood Chisel, 19mm, Cr-V, TPR + PP + Steel cap

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In this category, you'll find the Ronix rh7106 rh7111 rh7116 rh7119 and rh7122 Wood chisels are available in a variety of sizes for both basic and high-demand applications. It is important for carpenters to have a chisel that can be used for a wide range of jobs. High-Chrome Carbon Alloy Steel Blades are required for Ronix Wood Chisels RH-7106/RH-7109/71114/71611/71119/7122/7125. For example, Ronix wood chisels are designed with bevel edges and may be used for various types of wood, including soft woods, hardwoods, and laminated wood. 
Ronix wood chisels have a steel butt structure that can resist hits from mallets or hammers. They are made of TPR+PP and have steel caps. This prevents slippage and keeps your fingers in the proper place. This is especially important when attempting to penetrate hardwoods with a large amount of force. Consequently, it can be pounded easily with a mallet or hammer. Each chisel has a well-balanced grip and body. To find more about Ronix-branded wood chisels, scroll down to the “Detailed Description”.

Detailed Description

-Tempered High-Chrome Carbon alloy Steel blade for edge retention.
-Bevel Edge for woodworking carving multi-purpose use, suitable for all soft wood, hard wood and laminated wood products 
-Steel butt designed for heavy pounding with a hammer or mallet.
-For your safety, each chisel comes with a safety cap to cover the sharp blades
-Ergonomic TPR handle for great comfort and firm control. 
-Suitable for carpentry, carving & storage, such as bamboo crafts, wood crafts, wood lathe, shipyard & woodworking.


Blade Material
Handel Material
TPR + PP + Steel cap


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