T111C HCS Jigsaw Blade

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Jigsaw blades are a crucial tool for any construction project that involves working with wood or non-abrasive woodworking materials. These versatile blades can be used to cut and shape materials to precise specifications, making them essential tools. As you may already know, the best company that has distinguished itself in the production of high-quality jigsaw blades is Ronix. The RH-5605 T111C HCS jigsaw blade is a premium choice that offers exceptional precision and durability. This blade is made from high-carbon steel (HCS), which helps the blade retain its sharpness over time even when subjected to heavy use. Additionally, it features a unique tooth design enabling the user to have smooth and efficient cutting.
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Detailed Description

The Ronix RH-5605 is used to cut through any softwood and materials that are not abrasive. Although the materials that were mentioned should have a thickness range of 4 to 50mm. This outstanding blade uses 8 teeth per inch. Besides, the Ronix RH-5605 has a T-shank design.

Ronix RH-5605, T111C HCS Jigsaw Blade:

When it comes to accuracy, speed, and strength in construction projects that require both straight and rough cuts, the Ronix RH-5605 is a top choice among professionals. Its versatility allows it to be used in several projects, including industrial businesses, such as general woodworkers who work with softwoods like cedar, fir, pine, and redwood. It has gained popularity among general contractors, roofers, and plumbers. The Ronix RH-5605 jigsaw blade can effectively modify various types of wood, including plywood, laminate, glulam, particleboard, fiberboard-oriented strand board, as well as plastic and lumber used in construction. This makes it a valuable tool for metalworking industries as well. If you are involved in any of the aforementioned projects or working in a similar field, it is highly recommended to read further about the Ronix RH-5605's features and benefits.


 Ronix RH-5605 incorporates materials like HCS and HSS with precise teeth that undergo a hardening process to retain their sharpness even after prolonged usage.


The Ronix RH-5605 T111C HCS jigsaw blades are designed with a T-shape, making it easier to mount or remove while ensuring maximum stability during usage. The product features progressive teeth design with 6 to 12 teeth per inch (TPI), providing a longer lifespan and faster cuts across different metal thicknesses. This guarantees consistent performance and durability.


The Ronix RH-5605 jigsaw blade is supplied in a package designed by Ronix.

-Fully hardened, HSS & HCS material with precision teeth that stay sharp for a long time
-T-Shank design allows easy blade mount & remove, maximal grip and ongoing stability 
-6 to 12 TPI progressive tooth design secures high endurance, high speed cuts and longer life in varied thicknesses of different material
-Ideal for accurate, fast, straight & rough cuts used by professional carpenters, DIYs, home improvers, electricians, general contractors, roofers, plumbers, frame, drywall & maintenance workers, and general industrial wood workers on all soft wood like cedar, fir, pine and redwood, in addition to engineered wood like plywood, laminate, glulam, particle board, fiberboard, oriented strand board, plastic and construction lumber and all Metal Working industries 
-5 Blades in one Color card Package


T111C HCS jigsaw blade
Shank Type
T shank
Blade Material
Teeth Per Inch(TPI)
Cutting Thickness Range
Ideal Material for Cutting
Softwood and non-abrasive woodworking materials

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