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A hex key also known as( Allen wrench or Allen key), is a simple tool used to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets on their heads. These screws and bolts come in different sizes so you need different sizes of hex keys for tightening or loosening operations.  Ronix RH-2003-2027 Short and Long Arm Hex Key Set is a small, light and handy set of Allen keys in 16pcs with different sizes. This set is made of best-quality raw material with different arm lengths for more convenient use.

Ronix Short Arm Hex Key-3 mm RH-2003 with information

Detailed Description

Hex screws and bolts are used in many devices and machines nowadays and that’s because they are easier to tighten that slotted and philliphs drives. With a Ronix RH-2003-2027 Short and Long Arm Hex Key Set, you do not need to worry about them, take out your RH-2003-2027 with 16 pieces of fully efficient hex keys set in it and use it to do your task.

This small hex set contains the most popular and commonly used sizes of 3,4,5,6,8,10,12and 14 mm in both short and long arms. this 16 pieces keys help the user for quick tightening and loosening fasteners.

Ronix has leveled up the quality once again and you can clearly see the result in RH-2003-2027. They can be used in proper angle for maximum leverage or out straight for screwdriver style use.

Best raw materials are used to manufacture this amazing set of hex keys. Heat-treated chrome vanadium steel ensures strength and a longer life span of the tool. Also, its covered with black oxide stain coat to protect the keys from corrosion.

Ronix RH-2003-2027 Short and Long Arm Hex Key Set has hardened ends in order to give the user an extra high torque during the operation. These ends are square cut for a secure full-depth fit and maximum contact with the hex socket to prevent slippage and stripping of the socket.

Ronix RH-2003-2027 Short and Long Arm Hex Key Set is an ideal tool for professionals, technicians or even home users.

Ronix has other types of hex key sets which are foldable but some task needs single separate hex keys to be done. That is why we brought these amazing L shape hex keys to the market to meet all your needs. since all the bolts and nuts in motorcycles, bikes and skates are in hexagonal shape, this set of hex keys are really popular among bikers and skaters.



-Different sizes of short arm hex keys to cover all your requirements
-Black oxide finish protects against corrosion
-Long arm/short arm design offers extended reach on one end and extra leverage on the other
-Made of chrome-vanadium steel for rugged strength and more durability
-Hardened ends for extra-high torque during operations


Short Arm
Straight Ends
Product Dimension
3 mm

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