SDS Plus Chisel Bit 14x250x25 mm

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It is critical to utilize hardened chisel bits in heavy-duty demolition operations since they play a crucial role in precisely shaping and cutting concrete. The Ronix RH-5023RH-5025 Chisel Bits are SDS PLUS rotary hammer drill machine compatible and range from pointed chisel to flat chisel. They are all built of hardened steel alloy and are designed to cut through concrete, masonry, tile, clay, house foundations, and other materials.

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Detailed Description

When you are planning to cut or shape concrete, or any other similar materials, a sharp and high-quality chisel would help you remove pieces or rather clean ragged edges efficiently. Therefore, choosing a suitable heavy-duty chisel bit is as much important as selecting a hammer drill. The Ronix RH-5023~RH-5025 are designed and manufactured for the same purpose.
These Series of Ronix Chisel Bits are all designed with SDS PLUS shanks that fit SDS PLUS rotary hammer drills. As you may already know, SDS PLUS is chuck system used on modern drills. They are the smallest of its class and best chosen for hammer drills over 4kg. SDS PLUS chisel bits have 10mm to 14mm shank and inserts 40mm into chuck.
The RH-5023 SDS PLUS Chisel is a pointed chisel. As they are SDS PLUS, their shank is 14mm and are commonly 250 long – just enough to increase reach and reduce user fatigue in downward chiseling applications. Pointed chisel bit delivers high material removal due to its sharp point, and it has perfect use in concrete and brick demolition.
The RH-5024 SDS PLUS and RH-5025 SDS PLUS Chisels are flat chisels. They have also 18mm shank and are 250mm long, but have different lengths in the tip. The RH-5023 has a 25mm tip and the RH-5024 has twice the size of RH-5025, and has a 50mm tip. They mainly used for breaking and chiseling loose stone, concrete, and brickwork. For example, shaping and smoothing surfaces and remove small pieces off the object.
The Ronix RH-5020~RH-5022 SDS MAX Chisel Bits are made from heat-treated steel to stay perfectly after dozens of heavy-duty demolition applications. They have been made extremely sharp in both shapes to get through the hardest concretes and materials. With a reasonable price, Ronix once again offers you a product that suits the best-quality power tools.

-SDS PLUS SHANK (14MM): Suitable for --SDS MAX--hammer drills
-Made with high-grade forged and heat-treated steel for maximum strength and durability
-Tempered to increase impact durability
-Chisel Special Design and big Size allow for Quick Chiseling and Breaking Tile, targeted cutting action allows precise correction work in concrete, as well as demolition and breakthroughs in masonry. 
-Specially sharpened tip gives continuously effective breaking on various masonry objects, such as brick, concrete, stone, tiles, hollow brick 
--Use for demolition, trenching, chipping, tearing through foundation, digging up clay, making holes in concrete, and more
-Designed to cut through concrete, clay, tile stucco, masonry, block, brick, housing foundation, oil chimneys and more


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