M2 HSS Twist Drill Bit, 20mm

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The Ronix M2 HSS Twist Drill Bit 20mm is constructed of high-speed steel and can drill accurate holes in wood, stainless steel, and a variety of other materials. It's built specifically for heavy-duty drilling and has a lengthy life lifetime and is extremely robust. The Ronix M2 HSS Twist Drill Bit 20mm is a versatile drilling bit that may be used at home or at business.
It has been toughened and tempered with a silver color finish to improve the bits' longevity and efficiency on the job site. This metal bit is constructed of high-speed steel, which is a kind of tool steel. HSS bits are heat resistant and are commonly used for drilling hardwood, strong metals such as stainless steel, and soft metals such as aluminum, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), fiberglass, and other materials.

Detailed Description

Ronix RH-5345~5397 M2 HSS Twist Drill Bit set containing 25 pieces of bit ranging from 3mm to 20 mm, they are all hardened and tempered with silver color finishing to increase durability of the bits and its efficiency in the job site. These metal bits are made with high-speed steel which belongs to the category of tool steels, HSS bits are highly resistant to heat, mostly used for drilling hardwood, hard metals like stainless steel and soft metals like aluminum, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), fiberglass, and etc. with great cutting speed. Ronix RH-5345~5397 is fully accurate and it performs very well due to its precise ground point, flutes, body, clearance and drill diameter.

This Ronix product is designed to give the user more control over the object being drilled, it removes chips very fast, there is also no bit walking on the job surface and fatigue causing elements are almost eliminated to provide the operator with less force over the bit and more control power along the full working surface of the bit.

This 25 pcs set is a good accessory for your hammer drill and it can be used with electric or cordless drills.Committed Ronix company has manufactured this set according to DIN 338 standard which is a standard approved and passed by a German institute for standardization, according to DIN 338, the material used for production of these drill bits is exclusively manufactured for hammer drill’s bits.

 Each bit in Ronix RH-5345~5397 M2 HSS Twist Drill Bit set is designed and manufactured for a specific purpose, they are very well designed with no walking, skating and skidding on the surface to avoid the need for a center punch.

You will enjoy the sharp and to the point drilling power that these bits give your hammering drill. Each drill bit in this 25-piece drill set has 3 shanks, these shanks empower the hammering drill so that it works more rapidly and precisely. This recent Ronix product is produced in ronix plastic bag. It is very well idealized for tough applications.

-Fully Ground Premium High-Speed Steel M2, especially designed for heavy duty purpose, effect clean & smooth holes on hard metal like stainless steel and moreover, at least 3 times longer life. 
-Precision ground point, flutes, body, clearance and drill diameter for the ultimate in accuracy and performance. 
-Hardened &Tempered with Silver color finishing for higher Durability and efficiency.
-Ground flutes provide fast chip removal to maximize accuracy and efficiency along the full working surface of the bit.




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