Heat Gun 2000W, 3 Nozzles

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If you are looking for a quick and easy way to dry or remove paint, make cells in resin art, or shrink-wrap parcels with flawless results, Ronix 1102 heat gun is the answer! 

With a powerful 2000W, this heat gun heats up to 600℃ in the blink of an eye! It has 3 different nozzle attachments and an adjusting temperature wheel to be of use in a wide range of applications with different requirements. 

1102 is incredibly user-friendly; It has a lightweight, ergonomic, and non-slip body and its handle is ergonomically designed. Furthermore, it lets the user keep everything under control with a 1-7 Temperature setting (ranging from 50℃ to 600℃) and 3 Airflow speed control.  

You can find the complete information about Ronix 1102 heat gun in the “Detailed Description” section:  
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Detailed Description

Become a master in shrink wrapping, epoxy resin, shrink tubing, paint removal, and repairing electronics like cellphones with Ronix 1102 heat guns that quickly heat up and let you control the temperature and the speed of the airflow. 

Ronix 1102 Heat Gun: A Closer Look 

1102 heat gun brings more to the table than just fast heat up and adjustable temperature. If you are curious, keep reading: 


Plugged in 220 or 240V outlet with 50-60Hz frequency, 1102’s Plugged in a 220 or 240V outlet with 50-60Hz frequency, the 1102's Professional 2000W heating element can heat up the air to 600°C within a few seconds and pave the path for this hot air to be pushed through the nozzle. This amazing power tool comes with 7 temperature settings ranging from 50°C to 600°C and 3 airflow speed control (1st250L/min, 2nd250L/min, 3rd500L/min) to take care of any task in your work site.
1102's mechanism of work also includes a constant heat control that is specifically engineered for continuous work without overheating.  

Built-in Overload Protection:

Thanks to its built-in overload protection system, you need not worry about overheating during long hours of work. If ever the load builds up, this system immediately shuts down the heating element and protects the device from burning up in order to extend its service life. 

Efficient Heating and Cooling Mechanism: 

This heat gun is equipped with a high-quality full ceramic heating element that is safe and energy efficient and heats quickly. It also has an optimum device cooling mechanism to ensure a longer service life.  


1102 is a 1 kg compact and ergonomic power tool and since it has a comfy handle and a non-slip surface, working with it is simple and convenient. 
On this well-made body, you can also find an adjusting temperature wheel that allows the user to take the temperature under control easily

Packaging and Accessories:

This perfect heat gun is offered in a color box that includes 3 Nozzles and a scraper tool to help you make the most of the product.  



Professional 2000W heat gun provides strong power and quickly heat up to 600℃ in few seconds
-High-quality full ceramic heating and optimum device cooling for long service life
-7 Temperature settings from 50℃ to 600℃ and 3 Air flow speed control [1st:250L/min, 2nd:250L/min, 3rd:500L/min] can satisfy all the requirements 
-Built-in overload protection system shuts the heating element down and prevents burn up and extends service life
-3 Nozzle attachments meet different application needs. Great for shrink wrapping, epoxy resin, shrink tubing, crafts, cell phone repairs, paint removal, electronics repair
-Ergonomic design and handle with non-slip surface provides convenient handling
-Adjusting temperature wheel allows user to adjust the temperature easily 
-Constant Heat Control for continuous work without over heating



Air Volume & Temperature
1: 250 L/min 50℃; 2: 250 L/min 50-600℃; 3: 500 L/min 50-600℃
Supplied in
Ronix Color box
Nozzles (3pcs), Scraper tool


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