Gasoline Chainsaw, 1400W, 35cm

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Introducing The New Generation of Tough Tools: Gasoline Chain Saws! These tools are used for many heavy-duty tasks like tree felling, limbing and bucking, harvesting wood fire, and anything to do with a tree truck. To help you tackle all kinds of wood-cutting applications, the Ronix 4635 Gasoline Chainsaw is here!
This high-performance tool includes a 1400W, two-stroke engine that requires a mixture of gasoline and engine oil with 38.2CC displacement capacity to give you the max power off 8500RPM on its 35CM guide bar. There are two types of internal combustion engines, four-stroke and two-stroke, in which four-strokes are generally used in manufacturing cars, and two-strokes are used in manufacturing gasoline tools. 
Compared to other gasoline chainsaws, the main advantage of this tool is the use of a high-quality carburetor, which accurately measures the amount of air with oil and gasoline.
This Ronix-built ergonomic 4635 gasoline chainsaw is also equipped with a high-quality chain and guide bar, and a new smart start system makes the machine start easier with less effort. The anti-vibration system, the automatic lubricating system, the new ignition system, and the special exhaust system are among the top-notch technologies provided in the Ronix 4635 gasoline chainsaw. 

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Detailed Description

The Ronix 4635 Gasoline Chain Saw delivers maximum convenience to the operators by providing various cutting-edge technologies and will become your best buddy in the logging and wood-cutting operations.

What makes Ronix 4635 a distinct gasoline chainsaw? 

If you want to get more information about this functional product, keep reading the detailed description.

Motor and Mechanism:

A powerful 1400W motor with a volume of 38.2CC can deliver an idling speed range of more than 3000RPM and an 8500RPM max speed with cutting attachment, making it possible to cut the hardest trunks in a few seconds and in the best possible way. The two-stroke internal combustion engine in the 4635 Ronix gasoline chainsaw provides more power and speed for less weight. 
The engine is equipped with two essential factors that provide a faster and easier start in the cold weather: a primer bulb to quickly pump fuel into the engine and a choke valve to restrict the airflow in the engine’s carburetor. The fuel capacity of the chainsaw is 310ML, and the oil tank capacity is 220ML. The oil feeding system is a mechanical plunger pump with an adjuster.
Having a C.D.I type New Ignition System with advanced timing function makes the tool have a powerful and smooth running. The chainsaw features a new smart start system that makes the machine start easier and with less effort.

Lubricating System:

The Ronix 4635 features an Automatic Lubricating System that reduces the friction between the bar and chains and ensures smoother and easier cuts.


Do chainsaws take regular gasoline? No! Chainsaw engines are two-stroke, which means that the engine does not have a separate tank for oil. So, its Diaphragm type Carburetor adjusts the combination of air with oil and gasoline in a specific 1:25 ratio and pours it into the fuel tank to work in the best possible conditions. If the required amount doesn’t provide, severe damages will occur, such as the piston getting stuck inside the cylinder due to lack of oil and deformation of the cylinder.

Body and Switches:

The Ronix 4635 gasoline chainsaw is a compact tool that weighs only 6kg without a guide bar and chain and with empty tanks. The tool is designed with an anti-vibration system that makes the operation more comfortable and reduces fatigue during extended working hours. The prolonged use of a chainsaw without this feature can cause numbness in the hands and lead to Hand Vibrating Syndrome (HAVS) in long-term use.
The clutch system features a new design that results in better performance and higher efficiency. Also, the unique exhaust system design reduces fuel consumption and minimizes gasoline emissions.


An emergency brake system in the chainsaw prevents the chain’s movement in emergencies by cutting the connection between the clutch and the chain. In this way, the saw is prevented from returning to the user’s face, and the user’s safety is protected.

Accessories and Packaging:

The Ronix 4635 Gasoline Chainsaw’s color box includes the chain saw, a 14in/35CM sprocket nose guide bar, guide bar sleeve, oil/gasoline mixing bottle, screwdriver, rasper, and plug wrench.

-38.2 cc, 2cycles high power 1400W engine with outstanding performance
-Automatic lubricating system reduces the friction between the bar and chains and makes cutting smoother and easier
-Anti vibration system makes the operation more comfortable and reduces fatigue during long hours of working 
-Specific safety break reduces the risk during cutting operations
-New smart start system makes the machine start easier with less effort
-Excellent new ignition system results in powerful smooth running
-Special exhaust system design reduces fuel consumption and minimizes the gasoline emissions
-New design clutch system results in better performance and higher efficiency 



Oil Feeding System
Mechanical plunger pump with adjuster
Engine Power
Guide Bar Length
14 in/35 Cm
Fuel Capacity
38.2 cm³
Power Source
oil gasoline mixing
Ratio: 1/25
Oil Tank Capacity
220 ml
Diaphragm type
Idling Speed Range
3000±200 RPM
Max Speed with Cutting Attachment
Ignition System
C.D.I with timing advance function
Dry weight (without guide bar and chain, empty tanks)
6 kg
Guide Bar Type
Sprocket nose
Supplied In
Ronix color box
chain saw, Guide bar,Guide bar sleeve,Bottle, Screwdriver,Rasper,Plug wrench


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